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For many starting a new workout routine can be a challenge due to procrastination, excuses, lack of a plan and motivation. Without a plan or fitness motivation sticking with a workout routine is difficult. We know this at X3 Sports, so we compiled a Motivation Guide (pdf format)   filled with tips on how to start an exercise routine and how to stick with it, creating a habit to reach your weight loss goals.

Want to know what you will learn from reading this?

Motivation Guide

1. Ways to inspire yourself to begin working out (if you are not already)

2. Tips on how to overcome common excuses

3. How to create and attack goals

4. Ways to vary your fitness workout to prevent plateau

5. How to overcome the first three weeks

6. Why and how you should track your progress

Here’s an example of what you will you find in this guide:

Start with Small, Easy Goals You WILL Attain:

“Big goals can feel overwhelming, causing procrastination and frustration if progress isn’t happening as fast as you would like.”

Here’s a few ways to build confidence and not get discouraged:

If you are currently working out, we want to know what keeps you motivated to continue your exercise routine?

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