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Inspired by some of the training sessions we use in our boxing classes, this is a boxing workout designed for anyone. Whether you are training to compete, improve your skills or just want to get in shape, this routine created by X3 pros will get you on the path to victory.

{IMPORTANT TIP: Make sure you have a plan for your training sessions.  Don’t just go through the motions and punch the bag aimlessly.  Do you need to improve your speed, your power, your conditioning?  Or maybe it’s a little of everything.  Either way, design a routine that takes you to a new level.}

How to use this guide: Below is a training structure with choices of workouts you can incorporate within each round.  Each round should last 3 minutes with 1 min rest and you should perform that exercise for 3 rounds.  You can mix & match within each category as you see fit (See a sample at the end of this article)

Warm Up & Footwork
•    Jump Rope – Start with a slower steady rhythm and increase your speed during the last minute of the round.  The goal here is to warm, but you can incorporate more rope work at the end for speed drills as well.
•    Shadow Boxing – On a speed focused day, do this without hand weights or just 1lb weights.  On a power day, increase to using 3lb weights.  The goal for this first round of shadow boxing is to improve your footwork, so focus on moving in all directions.  You should move forward, laterally, and pivot at various angles.  Make sure to stay light and balanced on your feet without crossing them.  Your movements should come from the balls of your feet, knees and hips keeping everything in sync (i.e. step and rotate in one fluid motion).
•    Rope Drills – Tie a rope from corner to corner across the ring.  If you don’t have access to a ring, then anything will do, so long as the rope is approximately shoulder height.   You will use the rope to practice both footwork and body motion such as slipping, bobbing & weaving, etc.  Make sure to keep your eyes and shoulders in line and using hips and knees to bend, not leaning over with your lower back.

Technique Rounds
•    Coordinated Shadow Boxing – Another round of shadow boxing, but this time focusing on timing your hands and footwork together.  Incorporate jabs, crosses, hooks & uppercuts and use crisp snaps on your punches with tight body motions (don’t over extend yourself).  Also make sure to keep your eyes looking forward and don’t look at the ground.  Train yourself to keep your eyes on your opponent.
•    Focus Mitts and/or Bag Work – Now apply those same techniques with a partner or coach holding focus mits or you can work on a bag.  This is a technique round, so work on coordinating punches with footwork, proper body motion, as well as incorporating some small combinations.
•    Defense, Counter Drills & Sparing Techniques – Grab a partner for a quick round of light technical sparring where you are simply focused on slipping, bobbing/weaving, parrying punches and counters.  This is a technical round, so nothing hard here.

Speed Rounds*
To develop speed, utilize 3-4 punch combinations and make sure to keep your punches tight and crisp, while snapping your hands back to guard your face.  Your goal should be to get faster every time you throw the combination.  Some example combinations are: Double jab/cross; Jab/cross/slip/cross/hook; or use short quick punches where you don’t extend your arm with a combo like jab/cross/left uppercut/right uppercut.  To improve speed you can also use bungee straps. For variety, mix up your rounds using different bags & targets.
•    50-80lb Bag – Use a lighter bag to force yourself to have a quicker reaction time.
•    Double-end Bag – This type of bag is designed to improve your timing & coordination, along with your body movement.
•    Focus Mitts – Utilize a coach or partner who can call out combinations where you are focused on both speed & precision.

Water Break (2 min)

Power Rounds*
To develop power, use 1-2 power strikes combinations and make sure you are using proper technique by generating power through the hips (not just the arms).  Example combinations include cross/hook;  hook/cross; uppercut/opposite hand hook, or use single punches with power on every strike (power jab, power hook, power cross, etc.).
•    200lb Heavy Bag – If you have it available, utilize a 200lb heavy bag.  If not, use the heaviest bag you can find.  This will force your punches to be harder in order to generate impact that will move the bag.
•    Wrecking Ball or Tear Drop Bag – These bags will allow you to work different angles and punches such as uppercuts and hooks.

*NOTE: To create variety in your training sessions and mimic a real match, you can mix up your speed & power rounds.  For example, do 1 round speed, 1 round power, 1 round both (i.e. speed combo transitioning into a short power punches AND/OR then start with power combo and transition into a speed combo).  You will use the concept of light hands/heavy hands to keep your opponent guessing. For example: 2 fast jabs/fast cross/with a power hook using first ones as set up your power shot; or fake 2-3 short jabs and finish with a power cross.

Conditioning Rounds
Conditioning is done at the end so your technique doesn’t suffer.  Use these last rounds to really push yourself both physically and mentally.
•    Speed – This can vary between ladder drills, hurdles, jumping rope, sprints, suicides, etc. Here we are trying to increase footwork speed.  To do that, however, you should time yourself and then focus on beating your times every session.
•    Power – To increase explosive power, you can use box jumps, tire flips or weighted sleds.
•    Core Strength – V-Ups, Seated Medicine Ball Twists or go old-school and get someone to pound a medicine ball on your stomach.

Sample Workout
Below is a sample one hour workout using some of the options above. To increase the duration of the workout, simply add more rounds.

Each round should be 3 min rounds with 1 min rest in between.
•    Rounds 1-3: Jump rope
•    Rounds 4-6: Coordinated Shadow Boxing
•    Rounds 7-9: Two Rounds on the double end bag, one round on a 50lb bag
•    Rounds 10-12: Two Rounds on a 200lb bag, one round on the wrecking ball
•    Rounds 13-15: Each Round will have each exercise last 1 min with no rest in between, resting only after the 3 min rounds.  1 min on an obstacle course with agility ladder and hurdles; 1 min sprinting with a weighted sled; 1 min seated medicine ball twists.

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