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At X3 Sports, we are more than just a gym. We want to make a difference in people’s lives both inside and outside our training centers and create an awesome experience that people love and keep coming back to for more. So what is this “experience”?

Inside X3 Sports Fun & Friendly Atmosphere – No egos here. Our staff is friendly and helpful and our members are part of an environment that is fun, friendly and makes you look forward to working out. We are definitely going to make you work hard, but we are going to make sure you have a smile on your face while doing so (and a bigger one when you see the results).

X3’s Fast Track Class

Open/Energetic Environment – Each location purposely has classes open without walls. This creates an undeniable positive energy that you can feel throughout our training centers and feed off of. You hear the music pumping and the clang of the bags, and it makes you work harder and faster.

Results – We have a culture that focuses on results. When you are achieving your goals daily, it creates an addicting cycle of motivation that is almost impossible to break.

Challenge & Variety – We never want our members to get bored. Part of the fun is not knowing what’s coming next, so our instructors are always cooking up something new to keep you on your toes. One day in Fast Track class you might be running an obstacle course and the next day you are hooked to a bungee and pushing a sled. We always want to see tweets like “no matter if I come 3 days or 6 days a week @x3sports always finds a way to kick my butt.”

Members at our annual X3 Games

In-House Athletic Events – We foster friendly competitions between X3 members throughout the year. This includes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments, kickboxing events and our annual X3 Games where teams of four compete in physical challenges and obstacle courses.

Outside X3 Sports

Social Events – When your friends are with you, it becomes more of a lifestyle than just a workout. We have several events throughout the year ranging from our annual member appreciation party where last year 600+ people filled Opera Night Club on the hottest day of the year, to monthly UFC viewing parties, to cheering on your favorite X3 Sports instructor or fighter at a local MMA or Boxing event.

Team Competitions – Competitions give you something to work towards, so we have a competition board inside each location where you can find out about upcoming events and compete on Team X3. This can be BJJ competitions, boxing or kickboxing tournaments, obstacle races (i.e. Tough Mudder/Spartan Race), and even body sculpting events.

X Marks the Spot!

X Marks the Spot – What started as a way for fighters to celebrate after they won has turned into a sign of pride for all members outside of X3 Sports. The X has been shown after competitions, at parties and as far as Thailand and 10,000 feet in the air.

X3 Foundation – The experience of X3 Sports is also shown through charitable actions and contributions supporting Atlanta’s at risk and underprivileged youth. Athletic, artistic and academic opportunities have been provided through the foundation and the generosity of those involved.

We want to know have you experienced the X3 experience? If so, drop us a comment below to share your favorite experience at X3 Sports!

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