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Do you crave more than a stationary run on a treadmill when it comes to your workout routine? Break free from the monotonous machine and learn how fitness classes can take you and your routine to the next level.

1. If you haven’t plateaued yet, you will. Tired of doing the same workout? Have you hit a plateau? If not yet, you will. Introducing variety into your workouts will not only get you mentally out of your rut, but it will physically stimulate new muscles in new ways. At X3 Sports, no two classes are alike, giving you the variety you need to get the results you want.

2. You’re too busy for inefficiency. We live in a time-starved world where no_treadmillmultitasking is the name of the game at work and at home. Why not be efficient in your training as well? Get a full body workout instead by taking a class with us in the same time it takes to run six miles on a treadmill. Yes please.

3. Enables snoozing and losing. It’s happened to us all. The alarm goes off, we hit snooze, and we commit we’ll go workout in 15 minutes. You know what happens next… 15 minutes becomes 30 becomes 45 until our workout plans have gone out the window, and we’re now just focused on getting to work on time.  End the cycle. Class times force you to keep to your routine, and with 20-25 X3 classes per day, you’re sure to find one to work with your schedule.

 4. Zero camaraderie or competition. With our class environments come encouragement , motivation, and socialization not present amidst a sea of treadmill runners all equally absorbed in their music or magazines. Take the head phones off and be inspired by a healthy dose of competition to kick just a bit higher than the person next to you. And with motivation and competition come a harder workout and better results. Win. Win. Win.

5. A player can only go so far without a coach. For the majority of us, in sports (and in life), you can’t push yourself as hard as someone else pushes you. Our instructors will help you reach your fitness goals and then some. They’ll coach you on proper technique, engage you mentally with new routines, and motivate you to get the most out of every class.

6. Slower speed to results. We understand you have an end goal, and we help you get there faster. Participants in our classes generally burn 700-900 calories in an hour… that’s twice as many burned by a typical treadmill run in the same time. Multiply this over a month’s time, and it’s not uncommon to lose ten pounds in your first month.

7. You don’t knFast track 3ow what you’re missing. Once you start classes, prepare to be addicted to a habit you won’t want to kick. Classes are fun and engaging, and time flies.  Instead of dreading your next workout, look forward to it. Don’t take our word for it though, experience X3 for yourself and sign up for a free class today!  X3 Sports classes include:

If you are scared of trying something new because you may not know what to expect or even how to prepare, check out our blog post What To Expect & How To Prepare for Your First X3 Class to relieve any anxiety about stepping foot in a new workout place!

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