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Body Assessment & Fitness Consultation

Body Assessment & Fitness Consultation


At X3 Sports, a complete body assessment is provided to all members to measure the effectiveness of our classes and our customized personal training programs. This assessment evaluates current fitness level, establishes measurable goals and guides you through your fitness journey, ensuring we deliver on our promise of Real Training, Real Results.



The Body Assessment is used to set a baseline so you can track your progress through: body measurements, body composition and weight.

During your ongoing assessments (recommended every 90 days), a certified, knowledgeable X3 Sports trainer will answer questions, advise and guide you with solutions to help you reach your fitness goals.

We will use our state of the art tools, including our digital body composition scale, to accurately measure: body weight, body fat, BMI, and other key metrics.

Your trainer will also use standard body measurements to help document your overall changes. All information will be stored in your personal X3 Sports ClubReady profile, accessible to you online at any time.

Standard Body Measurements

Standard Body Measurements

Our Body Assessment will provide valuable information to help you track and reach your fitness goals.

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