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Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Kids and Teens in our X3 Sports youth boxing & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu programs learn fundamental discipline and  techniques from experienced coaches. After a solid foundation is built, students will learn how to spar in our boxing ring and prepare for competitions.

Not only will students gain knowledge in the art of boxing, our class-based training provides a positive outlet for kids. Increased focus, discipline and improvements in school are just some of the benefits students will see as a result of boxing training.

Youth Martial Arts

Martial Arts training is not only a fun way to learn a skill, it also teaches many values necessary to be successful in life. BjjYouth1Our martial arts training for kids and teens consists of Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai, which teaches self-defense and emphasizes the importance of a healthy mind and body.

Not only will students gain knowledge in the martial arts, our class-based training provides a positive outlet for kids in an safe and fun environment at X3 Sports. Increased focus, discipline and positive thinking are just some of the benefits youths will see as a result of learning martial arts.

Youth Sports Performance

Sports Performance Training is more than just pumping a few bench presses, it is a systematic program designed to get you faster, stronger and more endurance. Starting out early as a Youth encourages dedication and participation and good sportsmanship. No matter what sport you play, our year-round programs will increase your speed and strength during the off-season and maintain those levels during the season.

We pair youths with experienced trainers as they put them through a unique workout of bungee workouts, agility ladder drills, tire training, strength training and a host of other unique methods that will help young adults understand healthy and help them set and achieve their future goals as adults.

Private & Small Group Youth Training

Whether you are a youth novice or an elite level athlete, we can help you reach your full potential by providing one-on-one sports performance training customized to your fitness level. After an initial assessment, we determine areas of concentration, create a customized training plan based on your sport(s) and specific goals, and then monitor your success based on key sports performance criteria.

NOTE: Teens (13-18) can also train in our adult classes at all locations.

Three convenient Atlanta locations

X3 Sports offers Youth classes at Atlanta locations in MariettaInman Park and West Midtown. Experience great training for yourself and book your free class now!