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X3′s Member Rewards Program powered by:

X3 Sports Perkville

Earn rewards with everything you are already doing with X3′s Perkville Rewards Program. Learn how to get started!

Start earning & redeeming X3 Perkville points today!Q: How do I start earning points?

A: It’s easy! Just follow the instructions below & start today!

  1. Join & register an account (you can also use your Facebook login)
  2. Enter your email address (same one on file at X3 Sports)
  3. Create a password
  4. Confirm the email you registered (be sure to check your Spam folder)
  5. BOOM! Now you are you ready to earn & redeem points towards X3 merchandise

Q: I just earned some points. Where do I check to see them on my Perkville account?

A: Make sure you’re logged in with the correct email address (email used at X3 Sports). Check under the “My Points” tab. Points earned usually take 48 hours to be added to your point balance.

Q: How do I redeem points?

A: Sign into your Perkville, Choose the Perk you’d like to Redeem, Print out the Perk or show the Perk on your phone at any X3 location to receive your X3 Sports merchandise. To see your used perks, go to your “Perks” tab. 

Q: How do I earn referral points?

A: You refer friends on Perkville. Your referred friends receive an email from Perkville. Your referred friends must earn points with X3 Perkville for you to receive your referral points!

Q: How much is an X3 item worth in points?

A: See our chart below for a listing of the variety of great X3 merchandise (apparel, gear, coupons & more) available to you!

Download our Perkville Chart PDF

X3 Perkville

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X3 Perkville

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