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Power of Yoga: Prevention and Cure

What is yoga other than an excuse to wear stretchy pants 24/7? Yoga is not all trend-chasing and namaste puns. The power of yoga is immense, benefitting your mind as…

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Benefits of Teen Kickboxing

Parents seeking an outlet for their teens should look no further than teen kickboxing. Kickboxing is an effective way for teens to get in shape, build confidence, and make friends.…

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Kickboxing for Losing Weight

Men and women of all fitness levels are turning to kickboxing for losing weight and seeing positive results on the scale from their kickboxing workouts.  Kickboxing classes help people effectively…

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Kickboxing HIIT Workout

By participating in a kickboxing HIIT workout, you can expect to burn significantly more calories than a regular trip to the gym through aerobic self-defense instruction. If you walked into…

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Is Boxing Good for Weight Loss?

Men and women considering boxing as a fitness option might wonder, “Is boxing good for weight loss?”  The short answer is “Yes!” Researchers found that participating in boxing multiple times…

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Kickboxing vs. Boxing: What’s the Difference?

Adults looking for a new workout challenge may have some questions about the difference between kickboxing vs. boxing. Both boxing and kickboxing have soared in popularity recently and are beneficial…

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7 Benefits of Fitness Kickboxing

It’s hard to find a better workout than fitness kickboxing to cure boredom, torch calories, and work every muscle group. That’s why it’s becoming such a popular go-to workout for…

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Cardio Boxing: 3 Tips to Increase Performance

What is Cardio Boxing? There’s a new fitness craze taking the world by storm that provides real-world value: cardio boxing. High-energy group boxing classes are one of the most effective…

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What is HIIT Kickboxing?

Are you looking to burn fat and tone muscle in an action-packed 60-minute fitness class filled to the brim with fun? Look no further than HIIT kickboxing – an intense…

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Top 6 Benefits of Kickboxing for Women

Kickboxing is the perfect workout for women looking to challenge their minds and bodies. Women who kickbox don’t just see physical results – they also experience mental benefits that can…

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