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Boxing Classes for Beginners: 10 Things You Need to Know

Attending boxing classes might feel intimidating for beginners. Knowing what to expect ahead of time can calm a beginning boxer’s nerves and ensure participants have everything they need to have…

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Five Easy Steps to Get Started on Your Fitness Plan

tness plan is a great way to achieve your short and long term fitness goals. At X3 Sports, we specialize in helping people at every fitness level develop personalized training programs to help them stay focused, motivated, and committed. 

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The Benefits of Hiring A Personal Trainer

Do you already have experience exercising but want support and tips to reach your goals? Or are you a fitness pro who’s hit a plateau and are looking for fitness classes and continuing education to reach your fitness goals? 

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Diet Is More Than a Four-Letter Word

What comes to mind when you think of the word “diet”? Does your brain immediately jump to thoughts of restricting calories, measuring portions, eliminating entire food groups, and generally pondering…

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A Dose of “Supplemental” Knowledge

Green juices, powdered protein, B12 injections — the list of supplements goes on and on, twisting and turning down endless paths to a “best self.” Generally speaking, vitamins and supplements…

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Care for Your Fascia with these 7 Easy Steps

We’re back with Part Two of our fascia series! Now that we know a bit more about what it is, where it is, and why it’s so important, let’s take…

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Why Fascia Might be the Secret to Your Fitness Woes

If you were to ask anyone what holds them back from performing physical fitness on a regular basis, they are likely to give you a few standard answers, usually falling…

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Motivation Made Easy

Everyone needs motivation, but often, it’s nowhere to be found! For some, it’s hiding in the plush down of their favorite comforter, for others, it gets sucked into their favorite…

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Untapped Health: Yoga as a Prevention and Cure

What is yoga other than an excuse to wear stretchy pants 24/7? Yoga is not all trend-chasing and namaste puns. In fact, yoga is as much about the mind as…

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X3, A History: The Brilliant Madness Behind the X3 Method

As X3 Sports continues to move forward ahead, past the 2020 challenges and pandemic setbacks, we thought we’d get with our founder Mike Littrel to refresh ourselves on all things…

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