Let’s be honest…

Hey Everyone. Those of you who have a lost a lot of weight or have just changed a lot since changing your lifestyle, do you really like yourself or what? Ok, good. Me too. I just stalked my Facebook pictures and holy moly wow I’m different. It’s not just that I look different, though. I don’t know that girl in the pictures from a year ago anymore. It’s kind of scary and exciting, at the same time. This almost inspired me to open an Instagram account of my own and track my progress there. Oh, and I do not have to worry about starting late because I know this technique of getting followers from Marketing Heaven (you can just visit the website to know how).

I know I’m usually all smiles, rainbows and optimism, so sorry to be a debbie downer. I don’t think that people who haven’t experienced the changes I have could understand. I really like who I am now, but do the people closest to me? I’ve always been the “mom” of the group. Leave it up to me to worry, scold people for what they’re doing wrong and really just look out for everyone. I think I used to be a very insecure person, always worrying about what others thought. I used to value having every aspect of my life planned and organized, but not lately. I don’t have anxiety nearly as much as I used to. It’s very liberating. Sometimes I just want to keep driving and see where I end up. Adventure, wheee!! One-year-ago Kayla would have never ever thought to do something like that.

You know what else? People treat me differently, in a good way.  Now I’m all smiles. I have more friends than I used to, people approach me more and want to be around me. Friendly is not a word I would use to describe myself a year ago, but now it absolutely is.

Confidence is exhilarating. Isn’t it crazy that I feel like I can do anything now? When you feel like anything is possible…whoa. One-year-ago Kayla I’m sure would tell myself to be careful. I really like who I am now, though. Is it bad that I don’t care if anyone else does or not? Old Kayla is gone. My life is exciting now. Even if I’m having a bad day, it’s all good. I now know that I can choose how I react, and life will go on.

Well, now I have been open and honest, so if anyone else feels like a totally different person after a physical change, please don’t be shy about it. Even those of you who HAVE TO work out everyday and other people make fun of you for it, let’s talk.

Anyways, I’ve got a lot to keep me busy for the next few months. I’m taking five classes this semester and working 5ish days a week. Fun stuff. Don’t worry X3, I’ll see you just about everyday.

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