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AJC Declares X3 Sports The Place To Go For Kickboxing In Atlanta

AJC Declares X3 Sports The Place To Go For Kickboxing In Atlanta

X3 Sports is proud to be named THE place to go for Kickboxing in Atlanta by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “If Atlanta is talking about it, the AJC has the story.”

Supercharge Your Workout: 8 Kickboxing Questions Answered!

Supercharge Your Workout: 8 Kickboxing Questions Answered!

We receive a lot of questions from people interested in our Kickboxing program.

Nate Wins

MMA Success Story: In-Depth with Nate Williams

What is your dedication, determination and commitment to your lifestyle? You might have already seen him on X3 TV, taken his Kickboxing class at West Midtown or seen him in the Octagon on Fight Night; his name is Nathan “Nasty Nate” Williams. He is currently ranked #14 on the Georgia Pro Lightweights and determined to…

Kelly finds success at X3

Success Story: In-Depth with Kelly Engleka

If you want something you have to go and get it. Do you know what you want? Kelly Engleka knew immediately and took action by joining X3 Sports without even trying a class. She wanted to change her life and she did. Her career as a recruiter was only 1.5 miles away from her local X3…

Charlotte Evans finds success at X3

Success Story:In-Depth with Charlotte Evans

Tired of feeling tired? Charlotte Evans felt exactly the same way last year. She was athletic in high school and college, but afterwards, her adult life became busy. Charlotte’s career as a juvenile defense attorney in Cobb County kept her in the office and sedentary. And at age 41, she decided to rise up and…

Robert Hollander Success through Personal Training at X3 Sports

Success Story:In-Depth with Robert Hollander

What motivated you to change your life? That is an essential question when talking about getting fit and actually doing something about it. You will get many different answers, but one of the best I’ve ever heard is: “Look good naked.” Yes, that simple but true answer comes from X3 member Robert Hollander, our Success…

Working out at X3 Sports

2015 Fitness Motivation Tips

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Author:  Cynthia Purcell, Personal Trainer at X3 Sports West Midtown  In this post, I will share some of the most valuable fitness tips I have encountered from the competitive fitness arena with you.  It is my hope to motivate and inspire you to get started on your fitness goals during this New Year.  Don’t…

Classes at X3 Sports

How to Overcome Some Common Obstacles that Stand in Between Your Fitness Goals

If you’re like most people, you have likely run into your fair share of obstacles due to work and other responsibilities that have prevented you from reaching your fitness goals. It’s important to find a healthy balance between your everyday responsibilities and the time you dedicate to your well-being and fitness goals. Below is a…

5 Tips to Fit Fitness into Your Holiday Routine

The holidays are around the corner, ushering in a month of delicious goodies, not-to-be missed parties, and endless “to do’s” that pile up like the dishes after Thanksgiving dinner. And with each new indulgence or RSVP “Yes”, one’s time (and energy) to work out can fade. Put a stop to putting your fitness on hold…

Classes at X3 Sports

Five Reasons to Start X3’s Kickboxing Class Today

1. Drop 10-15 lbs in one month – Kickboxing is a fun way to workout, but the benefits go well beyond enjoyment. If you have never tried kickboxing, you owe it to yourself to try it at least one time. During X3’s one hour kickboxing class, the average person burns between 700-900 calories, that means…