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Adventure races are designed to push your body to the limit. If you are looking to train for your first obstacle race or are a seasoned pro, X3’s Fast Track class will help you get fully prepared or help you maintain your peak performance and add more to it.

  • Increase your stamina and coordination
  • Learn specific skills to overcome obstacles
  • Lessen the risk of injury
  • Gain confidence


X3’s Fast Track class is a mixture of cardio and resistance training. Like a fitness boot camp but much more, X3’s classes incorporate circuit training and cardio exercises utilizing a variety of sports training equipment to get you fully prepared for your adventure run or obstacle course challenge.

Every class is different to keep you having fun, but in most classes you will use hurdles, bungees, kettle bells, agility ladders, medicine balls, sleds, bosu balls, stability balls, barbells, dumbbells, and body weight exercises.


  1. Increase Your Endurance 
    During an obstacle or mud race, you can expect to run through mud and water on top of completing numerous obstacles. The workouts in our Fast Track classes are designed to help increase endurance and speed.
  2. Learn to Navigate Obstacles
    We incorporate hurdles, agility ladders, tires, sleds, bungees, plyo-boxes, and more.
  1. Strengthen Your Core
    During a typical Fast Track class, you will complete exercises designed to increase core strength. A strong core will help you meet the challenges you will face in the obstacle course race.
  2. Improve Balance and Stability
    You may be required to walk or run over unstable surfaces during some of these races. The components we use in our Fast Track classes can help you meet the demand for balance, stability, and coordination necessary for these races.