Fight & Flow

Find Balance in Your Fitness Journey

Fight & Flow (FaF) is a hybrid fitness concept that combines basic martial arts, bodyweight calisthenics, and yogic movements for a full-body workout.

The workouts weave together poses, movements, and breaths that humans have been doing for thousands of years to enhance flexibility, mobility, coordination, core strength, and balance.

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A Modern Fusion of Ancient Movements

Fight and Flow taps into an ancestral movement pattern to become more healthy, happy, and whole. Drawing from an array of ancient martial arts and yogic practices, the ethos of FaF is grounded in the elements


Mental Toughness
Long position hold


Vinyasa flows
Movement with breath


Leg balances
Slow, full range of motion


High kicks
Low lunges
Copious shadow boxing

Find Your Balance

We transfer energy through movement, and we consolidate energy through stillness. You aren’t going to install a light bulb with a hammer, so why would you do a cardio kickboxing class when your body needs to recover? You aren’t going to put a nail in its place with a sponge, so why stick to the safe and comfortable movements that you’re already used to?

That’s where Fight & Flow comes in.

FaF contains 16 foundational stances, punches, kicks, and defenses to achieve balance in your workouts.

These movements can be used as:

  1. A warm-up
  2. A cool-down
  3. A primer
  4. A recovery practice for muscle group isolation
  5. A full-body workout

Meet Matt Thomas

Founder and CEO of Fight & Flow

Hi, I’m Matt. Fight & Flow isn’t about me, nor is it about you. Fight & Flow is a philosophy of movement and life that centers on balance, body weight, and being in touch with the holistic self in order to give ourselves what we need at the moment.

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Fight & Flow found me when my ex-girlfriend made a joke about me. I had been boxing for three years and sustained a shoulder injury. After, all I did was yoga, and one day she asked, 'What happened to that boxing badass who asked me out last year? Who’s this sissy yoga boy who took his place?' The jest sparked a thought that I couldn’t shake, "Why can’t I be both?"

Thus started a 10-year journey around the world, exploring 35 countries, countless instruc-Tors for dozens of modalities that all boiled down to the same basic principle; bodyweight movement is the best thing for my body.


Featured Entrepreneur in Forbes Next 1000

Featured Entrepreneur in Forbes Next 1000

Featured in Jezebel February 2021

Featured in Jezebel February 2021

Featured in Best Self Magazine April 2022

Featured in Best Self Magazine April 2022