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Classes at X3 Sports

Nathan Williams:MMA Amateur Fighter Turns Pro

Exclusive One-on-One Interview with Nathan Williams If you’ve seen him fight in the ring, you’ve seen the burning passion in Nathan “Nasty Nate” Williams. Nate is a local mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter from Stone Mountain, Georgia, who started wrestling in high school. Loving the challenges of MMA, Nate sees himself going against other intelligent and strategic…

Classes at X3 Sports

Personal Training Success Story: Mary Rose

I’ve been training at X3 for about two and a half years. After a while X3 became my second home. The workouts are intense, but the atmosphere is super fun and supportive. I recently decided to push myself even further by taking advantage of the Personal Training program offered at X3. I have only been…

Classes at X3 Sports

Kimberly Bearden Blair

I joined X3 in November of 2012. My goal was to increase my strength and endurance. Over a 12 month period, I lost about 10 lbs and 14 inches overall (4 of that in my waist, 3 from my hips). My body fat also decreased from 23% to 18%. My strength, endurance, and even agility…

Classes at X3 Sports


My name is Betty Mayfield-Sly, My grandson Jelani is a member at X3 Sports and attends Mr. Breon Smiley’s boxing class, (Coach Smiley I would be remiss not to share my family and grandson’s wonderful experience since joining your facility). Coach Smiley is a very special person and an inspiration to so many kids, but…

Classes at X3 Sports

Channing Hixon

I joined X3 in July 2013 and decided I wanted proper yoga instruction, so I started taking yoga classes there in August. I definitely have more body awareness since I started doing yoga; discovering muscles I never knew existed within my body and engaging those muscles that I wouldn’t normally engage or even notice while…

Classes at X3 Sports

Peter Kim

I began training at X3 Sports in late October 2013 at 275lbs. As of February 1st 2014, I weighed in at 235lbs. Right now my main focus is losing the weight and competing in MMA when I reach my  goal of 170lbs. I competed in COPA for the NO GI Jan. 18th. And will try…

Classes at X3 Sports

Lisa Arrietta

I started in January of 2013 with a goal of keeping my strength, increase my resistance, focus my mind and most importantly; enjoy anything I want to do. I love the boxing classes because it’s a very dynamic and fun combination of everything including learning how to enhance my balance. The practice, the timing and…

Classes at X3 Sports

Jay Pearson

Before Power Track I was doing a lot of cardio conditioning. I was on the scale every day watching the pounds melt off and day-by-day I was getting smaller but my body looked and felt like crap. Losing the pounds was cool, but I was also shedding muscle mass. My joints were killing me, in…

Classes at X3 Sports

Marvin Head

I came to X3 sports in February of 2013. I originally came to X3 weighing 230 lbs. I now weigh 200 lbs. My goal is to continue to put on lean muscle and then eventually take more Martial Arts and Sports Training classes.  Fast Track helped  has providing me a whole-body workout that helped me…

Classes at X3 Sports

Muay Thai Success Story: James LaPierre

I’ve been a part of the Muay Thai program for nearly a year now and it has been one of the most enjoyable experience I’ve ever had. I lost 20lbs since I started training in Muay Thai. I’m a long time martial arts fan, and learning Muay Thai has given me a different, more rounded…