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Atlanta Kickboxing Classes

Atlanta Kickboxing Classes Will Supercharge Your Workout Routine

Do you want to supercharge your workout routine? Are you looking to lose weight faster and tone your arms, legs and abs? The secret is in the punches. Kickboxing is one of the fastest growing workout regimens because it delivers an intense full-body workout in a high-energy group environment. Our Atlanta kickboxing classes are exactly what you’re looking for. 

Did You Know?

Kickboxing is considered High Intensity Interval Training, one of the most effective workout formulas. With bursts of stop-and-go movement that cause your body to dig into your fat stores to find energy, Atlanta kickboxing classes make it easy to lose weight, boost your metabolism, increase endurance, and build strength all throughout your body.

Change up your routine with a fitness cardio workout that will also teach you core self-defense techniques. Our Atlanta kickboxing classes are filled with constant variety, heart-racing music, and dedicated X3 athletes all pushing each other to be better. 

We guarantee that you’ll find our Atlanta kickboxing classes  fun and challenging. Flirt with the edge of your comfort zone, alleviate stress, and make like-minded friends! 

Keep reading to learn about some of the most popular benefits of kickboxing and why X3 Sports’ Atlanta kickboxing classes are the best in town!

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Beginner Friendly Classes

Never been kickboxing? Not to worry! Our trainers build classes for all levels and make sure that beginners are being taught proper techniques so that they can practice and progress without worrying about injury. Don’t know how to wrap your hands? They’ll teach you. Don’t know how to throw a punch? They’ll show you!

If you’re worried about your fitness level, you can start slow. YOU control the intensity of the punches and kicks you’re throwing at our heavy bags, empowering you to dial the intensity up or down depending on how you’re feeling and how hard you’re willing to push yourself. 

As you progress week-to-week and start feeling more coordinated, comfortable with the equipment and capable, you’ll be able to handle more complex routines. Our instructors provide kickboxing novices with all the information they need to successfully complete their first few Atlanta kickboxing classes.

Real Heavy Bags

X3 Sports’ Atlanta kickboxing classes provide everything you need! At the core of our classes are 120lb heavy punching bags. Hung on racks at the gym, these heavy bags provide all the resistance you need to get the most bang for your buck. You’ll sweat as you repetitively hit these bags, toning your deltoids, abs, triceps and quads while burning through your fat stores. 

But these bags don’t just build muscles. Our Atlanta kickboxing classes are cardio masterpieces. As you pivot your body around these bags and keep throwing punch after kick after punch, you’ll boost your cardiovascular system and in turn, lower your chance of heart disease. 

Speaking of helping your heart, did we mention that it’s insanely fun to take all your aggression out in a safe and gratifying way? With heavy bag work, you’ll relieve your stress of the day and leave class feeling more empowered and relaxed. 

Burn 700–900 Calories

Our Atlanta kickboxing classes are incredibly effective at helping you lose weight. In fact, you can lose weight up to 4x faster than traditional workouts because you’re burning exponentially more calories. With HIIT workouts such as kickboxing, you can burn through 700 to 900 calories in a single class. It is not uncommon to lose 10–15 lbs in your first month if you’re consistent and eat right.

This is what makes our Atlanta kickboxing classes so insatiable for so many people. You’ll strengthen your entire musculature while melting the fat off your body as your metabolism jumps into the highest gear. If you’ve been trying to hit your weight and fitness goals simply by running, you’re missing the secret sauce! HIIT kickboxing will show you results, fast.

Constant Variety

At our Atlanta kickboxing classes, you’ll never experience the same class twice. Our instructors constantly change workouts to keep you mentally and physically challenged. While you’ll always get a full-body workout, classes will differentiate based on speed, intensity, routines, music, specific muscle groups targeted, and the practice of a wide-variety of martial arts maneuvers. 

Variation ensures that your exercise routine stays well-rounded and that you’ll never be bored. 

Join the X3 Sports Community And Try Our Atlanta Kickboxing Classes!

You are so close to achieving the body of your dreams! With two locations in downtown Atlanta and three others in the surrounding areas of Marietta and Athens, X3 Sports has built a dedicated community of athletes in the Greater Atlanta area. 

Now is the time to take your fitness routine to the next level.


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