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An empowering new fitness routine might be the catalyst you need to reach a healthier, happier life. At X3 Sports’ kickboxing classes for beginners near Atlanta, you’ll discover high-energy kickboxing classes taught by professional trainers in a vibrant fitness community. Our classes are highly accessible and open to all fitness and experience levels, creating a welcoming and instructive atmosphere. Learn all about kickboxing’s amazing health benefits and why X3 was voted No. 1 for kickboxing in town by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution!

Did You Know?

Kickboxing is a highly effective full-body workout that mixes high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with foundational kickboxing techniques and instruction. The kickboxing classes for beginners near Atlanta aren’t just great workouts, they’re also really fun!

At X3 Sports’ kickboxing classes in Atlanta, you can expect to:

  • Lose unwanted weight
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Sculpt lean muscles
  • Improve heart health
  • Enhance coordination

Beginner Friendly Atmosphere

Learning something new can be intimidating. At X3 Sports, we offer classes that are suitable for all fitness and experience levels, whether you’ve kickboxed before or are brand new to group workout classes. Your instructor will create dynamic routines that challenge you mentally and push every part of your body from head to toe. They’ll take time to explain kickboxing and general self-defense fundamentals while providing individualized feedback throughout class so that no one feels lost or intimidated. Beginners can progress at their own pace and work with their trainers to dial up the intensity from class to class.

Real Heavy Bags

When you come to X3 Sports’ kickboxing classes for beginners near Atlanta, no need to worry about bringing cumbersome equipment. Just show up ready to sweat. At our five gyms located across the Atlanta Metro Area, including two locations in Atlanta in Inman Park and West Midtown, you’ll discover 120-pound bags hung on racks and a gear shop on premises where you can buy hand wraps and other related accessories. These industry-standard punching bags are the best kickboxing opponent you can ask for, using the power of resistance to strengthen your muscles and torch calories

Burn Up To 900 Calories

In addition to striking, you’ll rely on your own body weight for a well-rounded workout that meshes kickboxing drills with more traditional strength and conditioning exercises, such as jumping jacks, pushups, and burpees. Our kickboxing classes for beginners near Atlanta can burn between 700 to 900 calories, far more than less dynamic cardio workouts (including running!). The aerobic training will cause your body to dip into its fat stores, increasing your metabolic rate for hours after class.

Constant Variety

You never have to worry about meeting the dreaded fitness plateau when you come to our kickboxing classes for beginners near Atlanta. Each class at X3 Sports is packed with variety. Not only will you change drills and exercises every few minutes in class, ensuring that we hit as many muscle groups as we can in a single session, but you will never see the same class twice. Our instructors design classes that keep you surprised and challenged, delivering real results fast. You’ll never feel like you’re doing the same old routine with kickboxing.

Stress Relief

Not only are our kickboxing classes for beginners near Atlanta intense physical challenges, but they’re also highly effective at relieving stress. From the moment you set foot in the gym, you’ll be met with an infectious energy from all of our members and staff. Everyone at X3 Sports takes pride in their experience at the gym and pushes each other to get better. Your class will be built around music that pumps you up while your trainer will set a motivational tone. The intensity of the workout will flood your brain with natural chemicals, such as endorphins, that fuel feelings of elation. Plus, it feels super gratifying to hit heavy bags when you’re having a bad day! Kickboxing provides an effective and safe way to take out aggression and relieve stress while learning self-defense and getting in shape are powerful confidence-building tools.

Level Up at X3 Sports

Are you ready to see the medicinal benefits of kickboxing? Start looking and feeling better with the kickboxing classes for beginners near Atlanta at X3 Sports. We make it easy to find a class that fits your distinct needs with numerous class options and times, as well as access to private training and other gym perks. See what all the hype is about and book your free class today!  


Fitness kickboxing is a whole body workout that will have you dripping in sweat, breathing heavily, challenging your strength and endurance, and cheering alongside other like-minded athletes. Join us for an hour of aerobic intensity and begin looking and feeling better in no time.

We receive a lot of questions from people interested in our Fitness Kickboxing program. Read our Fitness Kickboxing Questions Answered blog post for answers to some of the most common questions. It’ll help you prepare for your first class. And don’t forget to book your free class today!

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