Kickboxing Near North Marietta

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Kickboxing Near North Marietta

Try Kickboxing Near North Marietta and Experience the Difference!

Are you seeking to experience the thrill of kickboxing near North Marietta? Do you want to achieve feelings of youthfulness, weight loss, and improved strength and confidence? Look no further than X3 Sports, where we'll help you unleash your inner warrior without the bruises!

Kickboxing is a dynamic group fitness experience and full-body workout that tones your arms, legs, and abs in a high-energy environment. In this article, discover why X3 Sports is renowned as the top destination for kickboxing near North Marietta!

Did You Know?

When you engage in kickboxing near North Marietta, you're embarking on an hour of action-packed training that prepares you to conquer life's challenges. Kickboxing offers a myriad of mental and physical benefits that enhance your overall well-being and fitness.

Whether you're a group workout class novice or an experienced kickboxer, X3 Sports caters to your unique needs with a range of classes and private training options. If you’re feeling ready to break through your fitness plateau and eager to push beyond your comfort zone, you’ll thrive at our classes for kickboxing near North Marietta.

Classes For All Levels

Our instructors curate classes to accommodate participants of all fitness and experience levels. This means that our classes are for everyone and that you’ll never feel lost as a beginner or underwhelmed as a seasoned kickboxer.

Our professional trainers design adaptable sessions tailored to the unique needs of everyone in class. If they see that you could use extra instruction or help with a new move, they’ll slow down and provide individualized coaching. If they see you’re not feeling as challenged as they’d like you to be, they’ll work with you to dial up the heat with powerful new drills and maneuvers.

We understand that trying something new can feel overwhelming and intimidating. At X3 Sports’ kickboxing near North Marietta classes, your instructor will guide you through each new move, ensuring you feel confident and capable while prioritizing your safety and progress.

From the force applied to the bag to the power behind your strikes, YOU dictate the level of exertion and speed of your kicks, pivots, and punches. This means that even experienced kickboxers excel in our beginner classes, where they can refresh their fundamentals while pushing their personal limits.

What To Expect Kickboxing Near North Marietta

When it comes to kickboxing near North Marietta, X3 Sports provides top-notch equipment. Our facilities feature gear shops with rentals, and our kickboxing classes are equipped with industry-leading heavy bags, mats, weights, and cardio machines.

At the heart of your class is your formidable opponent: a 120-pound punching bag. These are already suspended from racks above the mat, awaiting your prowess. Through a combination of kickboxing techniques, such as punches, kicks, pivots, and ducks, with more traditional strength and conditioning exercises, like jumping jacks and pushups, you will see optimal muscle development without excessive bulk while torching calories.

Constant Variety

Another great thing about the classes for kickboxing near North Marietta is no two classes are ever the same. Our trainers make sure to build classes bursting at the seams with fun energy, music, and different combinations of sequences to keep the workout fresh – even if you come to class multiple times a week.

Burn up to 900 Calories Kickboxing Near North Marietta!

If you're seeking an effective mechanism for weight loss, kickboxing near North Marietta is your answer. This exhilarating activity allows you to burn calories up to four times faster than traditional workouts!

Kickboxing is the embodiment of high-intensity interval training, where bursts of intensity that elevate your heart rate are interchanged with brief periods of rest to maximize energetic output and your metabolic rate. In a single session, you can burn anywhere from 700 to 900 calories, and the calorie burning continues for hours after class as your metabolism stays elevated. With consistency and a balanced diet, you can lose up to 15 lbs in your first month!

Try Kickboxing Near North Marietta And Take A Class For Free!

Ready to embark on your kickboxing journey near North Marietta? Join X3 Sports and experience the exhilaration firsthand. Our five convenient locations throughout the Greater Atlanta Area – including two in Marietta, – clean facilities, and flexible class times make it easy to fit kickboxing into your lifestyle.

Book your first class with X3 Sports for free and see if a membership is right for you!

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Fitness kickboxing is a whole body workout that will have you dripping in sweat, breathing heavily, challenging your strength and endurance, and cheering alongside other like-minded athletes. Join us for an hour of aerobic intensity and begin looking and feeling better in no time.

We receive a lot of questions from people interested in our Fitness Kickboxing program. Read our Fitness Kickboxing Questions Answered blog post for answers to some of the most common questions. It’ll help you prepare for your first class. And don’t forget to book your free class today!

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