Women Are Revealing Why X3 is Their Favorite Women’s Kickboxing Class in Atlanta

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    Kickboxing isn’t just for the boys. Kickboxing is for girls too!

    Women’s kickboxing classes are a great entry-level way for women to learn about their power in the MMA space. In Midtown Atlanta, many women have already experienced the benefits of X3 Sport’s expert-led, noncombat classes. 

    But it isn’t just about the world-class training or the workout. 

    Women who take classes at X3 Sports experience a community of fellow health and strength-driven individuals. The supportive community of other men and women pushing themselves to be their best creates a safe and inspiring environment.

    But let’s focus on the girls. Why should X3 Sports top the list of female-friendly kickboxing classes in West Midtown and Atlanta? 

    Why Kickboxing is for Women Too and Women Belong in MMA Spaces

    Martial arts provide essential self-defense methods, which can improve your confidence in any situation. In a kickboxing class, you will learn practical defense techniques, including punches, kicks, elbows, and knees (We know it sounds like a children’s song, but trust us.)

    Not only will you learn about defense techniques in a women’s kickboxing class, but you will also get a killer workout. Classes are geared as both a strength training and cardio workout. Trainers’ targeted instruction results in more bodily confidence, increased mobility, improved reflexes, increased strength, and improved cardiovascular health. 

    The kickboxing class format encourages camaraderie and healthy competition. Working out in a group can push you to achieve goals and heights you may not have reached otherwise. Make friends easily around the shared interest of exercise and growth and join the X3 Midtown Atlanta community!

    What Sets X3 Sport’s Kickboxing Class Apart?

    a picture of a smiling person during a women's kickboxing class.

    When you first walk into an X3 Sports location, expect to be greeted with a smile and a welcoming atmosphere. Staff and trainers are happy to help set you up with the gear you need for class, answer any questions, and be with you every step of the way. 

    X3 Sport’s philosophy as a training center revolves around helping individuals reach their goals at all stages of their fitness journey, and X3 trainers and staff reflect that philosophy. You’ll find members and staff passionate about training and teaching martial arts. 

    You won’t find any macho aggressiveness that many associate with MMA gyms. Instead, members and employees welcome inexperience as a rewarding challenge to help beginners change their lives. Positive attitudes and kindness abound in an unexpected environment, making it beginner and female-friendly. 

    X3 prioritizes inclusivity and empowerment for all its members at all phases of their fitness journey. World-class trainers strive to meet individuals where they are and help to structure and plan around your personal goals. 

    Why Women Love X3 Sports

    Picture showing a woman in a hijab during a women's kickboxing class at X3 Sports.

    There are countless success stories from female members of X3. 

    Brittney, one X3 member says, “I hated exercise for a long time, and then someone invited me to a Kickboxing class and I just had the most fun ever working out. […] It gives you an outlet for your energy, frustration, and anything that’s bothering you during the week, so I like it for that.”

    Maria, who did martial arts as a youth before finding X3, describes trainers as “patient” and says that, “people are encouraging here.”

    See more testimonials from members.

    How to Experience Empowerment from Kickboxing

    Come say hi, and see for yourself! 

    Take charge of your health, learn a new skill, join a supportive local community, and build confidence with kickboxing.

    Book a free tour of X3 West Midtown and experience the empowering female-friendly environment for yourself. Whether you’re just getting started in your fitness journey, you’ve always been interested in martial arts, or you’re just looking for a new and fun workout class, X3 has a class for you!

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