Family Plans

At X3, the whole family can bring out the warrior within.

Fitness isn’t just for adults. Get the whole family involved in martial arts and cross-training fitness.

With a family plan, you and your family have access to everything X3 has to offer. Our flexible offering has room for every evolving family.

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Included in the X3 family plan

  • Unlimited Access to the Entire X3 Facility: Weights, Cardio Equipment, Bags, Turf, Mats, and More
  • Access to ALL X3 Sports Locations
  • Unlimited Guest Passes (First Time, Local Residents Only)
  • Perkville Rewards Program
  • X3 Plus Member Rewards Discounts
  • Ongoing Body Assessments and Fitness Goal Consultations

Benefits for the whole family

  • Learn Martial Arts From World-Renowned Trainers
  • Become Faster
  • Get Stronger
  • Learn Self-Defense
  • Dominate the Competition
  • Increase Endurance
  • Advance In Belt Rank

Parents and youths ages 13-17 get access to Kickboxing, Boxing, Fast Track, Power Track, BJJ, and Muay Thai classes.

Classes available for youths ages 5 to 13.

Children in BJJ have the opportunity to learn a new skill and participate in belt advancement. Students at X3 learn discipline, strong values, and teamwork. In addition to improved confidence and a healthy body and mind, students also learn valuable self-defense tactics.

Boxing is the perfect outlet for energetic youths. Not only do they receive world-class training from professionals, but they also learn valuable life skills around discipline and learn how to channel aggression into a healthy outlet. Our trainers act as mentors and role models for the youths in class.



Family plans start at


for 3 members

Each additional member added is +$50

$279 = Family Plan with 3 Seats

$329 = Family Plan with 4 Seats

$379 = Family Plan with 5 Seats

$429 = Family Plan with 6 Seats

$479 = Family Plan with 7 Seats

$529 = Family Plan with 8 Seats

$579 = Family Plan with 9 Seats

$629 = Family Plan with 10 Seats


Get Started With Your X3 Family Plan

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