Youth Boxing at X3 Sports

X3 Sports Youth Boxing classes are fast-paced, fun, and easy to learn. All children ages 5 to 13 are welcome to enjoy the many benefits of the traditional sport of boxing, including focus, confidence, discipline, and self-reliance. Pre-teens and teens can progress with our adult Boxing classes.

X3 Sports is all about helping your child reach their fitness potential, learn proper technique, and of course, have a lot of fun!

From games to agility drills to footwork and partnering with other students, our youth boxing classes are top-rated.

The Benefits of Youth Boxing for Your Child

Boxing provides a unique set of benefits for your child’s overall mental and physical health.

Many parents seek out Boxing classes at X3 Sports to give their children an outlet to release their high energy and improve their focus. Our trainers also serve as a strong set of role models for your child as they learn to channel their aggression in healthy ways.

Parents of our youth boxers have seen these positive changes in their kids:

  1. Improved discipline.
  2. Boosted confidence.
  3. Healthier exercise habits and mental clarity.
  4. Decreased aggression and stronger coping mechanisms.
  5. New friendships and a supportive community.
  6. Better focus and better school performance.

Fitness for the Whole Family

Active families make happy families! X3 Sports offers adult and youth group fitness classes, so your family can get healthy and fit together.

Inquire on the phone at 678-903-0100 or in one of our clubs about our family plans.

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