Youth Programs at X3 Sports

Kids and Teens in our X3 Sports youth programs learn discipline and fundamental techniques from experienced coaches in our Youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Youth Boxing programs.

Our group class-based training provides a positive outlet and increases focus, discipline, and school performance.

Teens ages 13 to 18 can also train in our adult classes at all locations.

bring out your warrior

Help your child bring out the warrior within through X3 Sports' Youth Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program! Our skilled coaches prioritize safety and provide a supportive environment, teaching proper techniques, fostering teamwork, and encouraging personal growth. Beyond training, your child will build strong bonds and relationships with coaches and fellow athletes. Our Youth Program at X3 Sports is the ideal choice for your child to develop lifelong skills while forming lasting connections!

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Give Your Child A Positive Outlet

Our Youth Boxing and Youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu programs offer a positive outlet for your child after school.

By staying active and joining a strong community of other kids and supportive coaches, you will see your child’s quality of life improve.

Hear it from Hector, father of a young Warrior at X3 Sports:

The changes that we’ve seen [in our son] are that he’s more focused more in school, he’s more disciplined, he doesn’t talk back, his little attitude has come down, he doesn’t talk back, he does his bed in the morning, he does his chores. We’ve seen a difference at home, but also at school. He just came back from school with four 100s in his classes. So, his focus and his cognitive skills have definitely been higher and he’s in better shape now.


X3 Sports West Midtown

Parents of our Youth Boxing and Youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students have seen these positive changes in their kids:

  1. Improved discipline.
  2. Boosted confidence.
  3. Healthier exercise habits and mental clarity.
  4. Decreased aggression and stronger coping mechanisms.
  5. New friendships and a supportive community.
  6. Better focus and better school performance.
  7. Increased motivation and goal setting.

We wanted something that would teach [our son] discipline, have him workout, and not be too sedentary playing video games and being on his phone all day. We decided it was time to get him out of the house and fit into a gym that fit his needs, tailored to him.


X3 Sports West Midtown

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Safety Always Comes First

As a parent, worrying about your child’s safety is a constant concern. Many parents fear enrolling their children into a contact sport because of safety concerns. But at X3 Sports, we teach your child how to channel their strength and power in safe and healthy ways.

Technique and proper protection come first, so your child is taught how to move their body with control and discipline. This actually decreases the risk of careless fighting and aggression because your child learns respect for the history and sweet science of boxing and martial arts.

Youth Programs at X3 Sports

X3 Sports Youth Boxing classes are fast-paced, fun, and easy to learn. All children ages 5 to 13 are welcome to enjoy the many benefits of the traditional sport of boxing, including focus, confidence, discipline, and self-reliance. From games to agility drills to footwork and partnering with other students, our youth boxing classes are top-rated.

Youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes at X3 Sports give kids an outlet to release their high energy and improve their focus. Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu professors serve as a strong set of role models for your child as they learn to channel their strength in healthy ways. We take the time to teach your child about the history of this special martial arts form and we help them set goals for progressing up the belt system.

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Youth X3 Membership: Boxing And Brazilian Jiu Jitzu


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Fitness for the Whole Family

Active families make happy families! The whole family can enjoy classes at X3 Sports with a family plan membership. Add up to 10 members.

Family plans start at $279/month for 3 members. Learn more about what's included by visiting the family plan membership page.

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