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Advanced and Beginner Boxing Classes

The instructors are very credible, knowledgeable, and inviting. The overall experience makes working out something I look forward to every day.


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Boxing Marietta: Unleash Your Inner Warrior

Are you looking for a high-energy workout that will turbocharge your fitness goals and melt away your stress? Try boxing at our gym in Marietta

Boxing is becoming an increasingly popular workout regimen among both men and women. At X3 Sports’ Boxing Marietta classes, you’ll practice boxing fundamentals, learn core self-defense techniques, make great friends, and melt calories faster than you can doing more traditional workouts, like running. 

X3 Sports: Atlanta's Premier Boxing Gym

Beginner-Friendly Classes

Our trainers will guide you through each step of the boxing process, giving tips and advice on punching techniques, footwork, and combinations. As your skills improve and your confidence grows, our instructors can ramp up the intensity level to match with your ability.

You'll learn proper posture for a strong stance that creates maximum power in your punches; how to move around the ring with agility; and how to combine punches into powerful combination attacks. You’ll also practice defensive techniques such as slipping, bobbing, weaving, parrying and blocking so you can protect yourself from incoming blows.

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No matter your level, all you have to do is show up. We’ll help you pick out the right gear and work with you to achieve your fitness goals.

Advanced Boxing Classes

Looking to sharpen your boxing skills in Marietta, GA? Our Advanced Boxing classes offer top-tier training with seasoned coaches who will guide you through live sparring sessions and expert instruction. Dive into a variety of training techniques, including heavy bag workouts, shadow boxing, focus mitt drills, and strength and conditioning exercises.

Perfect for both competitive fighters and passionate hobbyists, our training improves eye-hand coordination, speed, balance, and strength.

Learn more about Advanced Boxing Classes at X3 Sports here.

What You Can Expect at X3 Boxing Marietta

Technical Practice Mixed With Cardio

No X3 boxing class is ever the same. Our instructors pour constant variety into every single class, keeping you on your toes and ensuring you’ll remain challenged, even if you come to box several times a week.

In a typical class, you’ll practice boxing fundamentals while simultaneously engaging in an intense aerobic workout. In a beginner class, you’ll work with heavy 120 lb bags, which offer the exact resistance you need to increase strength. You can also expect to see some shadow boxing work, mitt drills and highly aerobic conditioning exercises.

With so much variety, you’ll never be bored. You’ll leave X3 Sports’ classes feeling stronger, happier, healthier and more equipped to defend yourself.

Reach Fitness and Weight-Loss Goals

Boxing Marietta delivers an intense full-body workout. During a boxing session, your body is working from the second you start punching to the moment the final round ends. The constant motion and movement of hitting and blocking punches gives your arms, shoulders, back and legs an overall workout. You will also get a great core workout as you twist and turn while throwing punches at different angles.

Beyond physical fitness benefits, boxing Marietta classes can help improve mental toughness and concentration. Constant focus on technique enables practitioners to keep their minds sharp in order to anticipate their opponent's moves. As such, boxers develop mental discipline that allows them to stay calm under pressure, both inside and outside of the ring

Relieve Stress

Our boxing Marietta classes are high energy because our instructors set an exciting tone from the minute you set foot on the mat. You’ll be pushed and challenged alongside other boxers and feel energized by the group environment. As you exercise, endorphins will flood your brain, relieving your day’s stress.

And did we mention it’s really fun to take out your aggression on a punching bag? Bad day at work? Going through a breakup? Hit a heavy bag – it’ll alleviate some of that pent-up anxiety, guaranteed. The energy has to go somewhere, right!?

Ready to Come Box with Us?

If you’re looking for a smashing good workout in an area convenient to where you live, work and hang out, look no further than X3 Sports’ boxing Marietta classes. No matter your experience and fitness level, our respected trainers will show you the ropes. What are you waiting for? Book your free class today

Choose From 5 Convenient Locations

By joining the X3 Sports community, you’ll gain access to five convenient locations in the Atlanta, Marietta and Athens area. We want to meet you where you are when you’re ready to shred. We offer two locations in Atlanta (Inman Park and West Midtown), two in Marietta (Marietta and North Marietta) and a fifth right off US-78 in Athens. Whether you’re coming straight from work or after your commute home, you’ll be able to find the most convenient boxing Atlanta class for you. 

Want to See How Much Fun Boxing Can Be?

Try a boxing class at X3 Sports Marietta on us.