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"I'm incomplete without it."

Lost: 14 inches. Gained: Strength, endurance, a new life.

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"The camaraderie keeps me motivated."

Lost: 30 lbs. Gained: Lean muscle.

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"I could feel the family atmosphere and loved it."

Lost: Hard times. Gained: Celebrity status as a UFA fighter.

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"X3 delivered fit and more."

Lost: The body my wife married. Gained: A body my wife can be proud of.

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"I feel awesome every time I am done with my routine."

Lost: My fear. Gained: Strength and balance to cope with muscular dystrophy.

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"X3 is my life now."

Lost: 40 lbs. Gained: A home away from home.

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"Yoga has provided me with such a sense of strength."

Lost: My noodle arms. Gained: Muscles I never knew I had.

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"X3's service is no less than an A+."

Lost: Unathleticism. Gained: Silver medal in the 100 & 200 meter dash.

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"I'm in the best shape of my life."

Lost: 20 lbs. Gained: Self-discipline.

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"I can see the difference, but more importantly, I can feel the difference."

Lost: Hiding from photos. Gained: Taking selfies.

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