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"I'm incomplete without it."

Lost: 14 inches. Gained: Strength, endurance, a new life.

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"The camaraderie keeps me motivated."

Lost: 30 lbs. Gained: Lean muscle.

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"I could feel the family atmosphere and loved it."

Lost: Hard times. Gained: Celebrity status as a UFA fighter.

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"X3 delivered fit and more."

Lost: The body my wife married. Gained: A body my wife can be proud of.

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"I feel awesome every time I am done with my routine."

Lost: My fear. Gained: Strength and balance to cope with muscular dystrophy.

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"X3 is my life now."

Lost: 40 lbs. Gained: A home away from home.

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"Yoga has provided me with such a sense of strength."

Lost: My noodle arms. Gained: Muscles I never knew I had.

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"X3's service is no less than an A+."

Lost: Unathleticism. Gained: Silver medal in the 100 & 200 meter dash.

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"I'm in the best shape of my life."

Lost: 20 lbs. Gained: Self-discipline.

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Silvia @s_ilviums

Love these ladies @jac_r and @ju_boo42 we just finished 5.4 miles. Training @x3sports is amazing. It’s not just a gym. It’s a community where you meet people who all have a similar goal. You bond, motivate, encourage and push each other. @x3sports is the best gym around come see for yourself. 

Alex F.

X3 is the best discovery for me in a long time in terms of exercise. My wife and I are absolutely loving it. The classes are beginner friendly and you can go at your own pace or try and take on the world and go blow for blow by following the instruction exactly. I’ve already dropped a pants size and have lost about 10 pounds. I have energy all day long.


Tony Tucci @Tony Tucci

Bjj life @x3sports @steven_r_mcqueen #mma #bjj #x3sports

Cornelius Lindsey @Cornelius Lindsey

I contemplated whether or not I would workout today. I tried to give myself every excuse in the book, but I couldn’t shake the fact that I was cheating myself by not remaining disciplined and focused on the goal. I know from experience that not going today would start a trend in making excuses. #x3sports


Courtney A.

I could never go back to LA fitness. I’m addicted to X3. I’ve learned how to push myself further than I ever thought possible as far as my fitness level goes. I’ve learned about lifting weights, heavy weights, how to do the “triangle” in BJJ, and how to beat the crap out of a heavy bag.


Stephen S.

We’ve all been to your typical franchise gym. It’s daunting. You won’t find this at X3. Perhaps one of the best characteristics of this gym is leadership. I learned the fundamentals in about an hour. Impressive. The best part about this place is I felt no pressure to sign up.


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  • 24 classes offered per day means no excuses.
  • 900 calories burned on average in our 55 minute classes.
  • Goals crushed: every single one of them.

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