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X3 Sports Mixed Martial Arts training program will get you results whether you are a competitive fighter or simply want to train like one.

IG - NFC 82 TeamX3

X3 Sports Fight Team celebrating new GFC 155 lb. Welterweight Champion Stephen Wylie at NFC 82 February 28, 2016.

MMA Class

X3 Sports MMA class will teach you MMA fundamentals and combined techniques. This beginner friendly class will teach the basics of striking, submissions and wrestling as well as how to blend them all together.

What will be done in class?

  • X3 Sports MMA Fighter Xavier Crenshaw on full mount.

    X3 MMA Fighter Xavier Crenshaw in full mount.

    MMA Fundamentals – Striking & clinch, grappling & submissions, takedowns & defense.
  • MMA Blended Techniques – Striking into takedowns, takedowns into submissions, ground & pound, working off the cage/ropes, etc.
  • Simulated Sparring – This class is performed in a safe environment and will not have full sparing/striking. However, live takedowns and grappling may occur. Those wanting full sparring may talk to the instructor but must have an experienced partner and protective gear.

Integrated MMA Program

In order to truly master Mixed Martial Arts, it is important to become proficient in the individual components that make up MMA, including Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, wrestling and Sports Performance Training. If you are serious about becoming an MMA competitor, taking these classes and competing in these specialties are a must. If you’ve got what it takes, you can also be part of our MMA Fight Team.

Corner Coaches Tony & Gabriel with X3 MMA Fighter Nathan Williams

Corner Coaches Tony & Gabriel with X3 MMA Fighter Nathan Williams

X3 Sports MMA Team Training

MMA combines skills from Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and more! MMA Fighter Robert “The Blue King” Hale during practice.

At X3 Sports, we take MMA seriously. Our fight team is not only a family, but functions as a well oiled machine and is designed to turn amateurs into pros and take pros to the top.

    • Organized daily training with specialized coaches, as well as head coach Tony Tucci (2009, 2010 & 2011 Trainer of the Year).
    • NFL caliber speed & agility training
    • Exclusive high-altitude & electronic stimulation training technology
    • X3 Sports fighter management team handles match ups, prize purse negotiaions, career counseling and fight coordination. All you have to do is train and win.
    • MMA Fight team win rate of almost 90%
    • Our fighters have gained national recognition and regularly travel out of state for competition.

As a result of our training methods, X3 Sports team members consistently dominate the competition at both amateur and professional events. By training MMA at X3 Sports, you will be taught by experienced instructors who’s students have fought and are currently fighting in the UFC, IFL and other professional Mixed Martial Arts organizations.

Every Friday 7pm – Sparring at our X3 Sports West Midtown location.

Three convenient Atlanta locations

X3 Sports offers Mixed Martial Arts classes at all three of our locations: MariettaInman Park and West Midtown. Experience a great workout for yourself, book your free class now!