4 Things To Expect From Kickboxing Training

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    People new to kickboxing often wonder what they should expect from kickboxing training. Will they be sore the entire next day? Will they notice their muscles bulging after just one session? Will they immediately face an opponent who is eager to spar?

    If you are considering kickboxing training, you likely have wondered about these questions and more. This article will give you a better understanding of what to expect from kickboxing training to (hopefully) convince you to give it a try. 

    4 Things to Expect from Kickboxing Training

    While everyone may leave their first kickboxing training session with different thoughts, there are a few things that everyone should expect.

    1. You Might Have to Leave Your Comfort Zone

    Unless you are used to throwing punches and kicks, you will likely have to venture outside your comfort zone during kickboxing training. You will be asked to try new moves that mentally and physically challenge you. 

    Rest assured that you will never be asked to push yourself past the point of safety. So, while you may feel uncomfortable trying something new, you should never feel like you are pushing your body past its reasonable limits. And, to answer the last question posed in the introduction, no, you will not be asked to spar with an opponent.

    2. You Might Be Sore After

    Kickboxing uses almost every muscle group in your body, including some you may have never worked out before. So expect to work your upper body, core, and lower body, as well as your mind, during kickboxing. All of this means you should expect to be at least a little sore the day after your first kickboxing training session. 

    Soreness is entirely normal and nothing to be concerned about. Don’t attempt to do two kickboxing training sessions back to back. Instead, take at least one day off for active recovery. Go for a walk and do some stretching to ease sore muscles. In time, your body will adjust to the moves. As you get into better shape, you will be able to do a kickboxing training session without feeling sore the next day.

    3. You Will Sweat A Lot

    Our bodies naturally sweat when we get hot. They want to stay at a consistent 98.6 degrees, no matter what is happening in our outside environment. So, when you work hard, such as during kickboxing training, your body naturally wants to cool off. That means you are going to be sweating … a lot. 

    This is also completely normal and something you really can’t avoid. Even people who don’t usually sweat a lot will be drenched after their first kickboxing training session. 

    You can prepare for a major sweat session by bringing a towel to dry yourself off with during breaks. If you will be doing anything after your kickboxing session, consider bringing a change of clothes and soap for showering off.

    4. You Will Have Lots of Fun!

    The main goal of recreational kickboxing is to get physically and mentally stronger as an individual. A bonus is that you will have a blast without realizing how many calories you are torching. 

    If you aren’t having fun during kickboxing training, then you are taking it too seriously. So relax, forget about trying to get every punch and kick down perfectly, and focus on enjoying moving your body in new, fun ways. 

    In addition to having fun moving your body, punching, and kicking, you will have fun meeting new like-minded people. The team environment at X3 Sports will help you feel like you are a part of something bigger.

    Why Try Kickboxing Training at X3

    As kickboxing becomes more popular, more studios are popping up nationwide. X3 Sports is still the best place for kickboxing training for several reasons. Our world-class trainers can customize each class for various fitness levels while keeping things fun and fresh for everyone, from beginners to advanced kickboxers.

    Then there’s the environment. We have the most supportive classes around. Instead of competing against each other, our members encourage each other to push past their comfort zones, try new things, and become the best version of themselves possible.

    Are you ready to try kickboxing training to see what it’s all about? Then, sign up for a free kickboxing class.

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