5 Tips to Fit Fitness into Your Holiday Routine

The holidays are around the corner, ushering in a month of delicious goodies, not-to-be missed parties, and endless “to do’s” that pile up like the dishes after Thanksgiving dinner. And with each new indulgence or RSVP “Yes”, one’s time (and energy) to work out can fade. Put a stop to putting your fitness on hold with these tips to make the most of your time this holiday season.

1. Find Your Winter Wonderland to Walk (or Run). Exercise doesn’t have to take place within the walls of your local fitness center. Trade in your treadmill for that neighborhood down the street decked out in holiday lights. Grab a group of friends, set a pace, and take in the lights on foot. Your holiday spirit will soar while your body thanks you for burning off that extra Christmas cookie.

2. Punch out the Holiday Stress (Literally).
Don’t let holiday stress get the best of you. Mounting stress over giving the perfect gifts or who will sit next to who at Thanksgiving dinner will only take away from your enjoyment kickboxingphotoof the season. Instead, punch stress out (literally) at an X3 kickboxing class. A proven stress reducer, exercise is one of the best defenses when things get overwhelming.

3. Adopt a “Can Do” Not “Didn’t Do” Attitude.
If mailing your holiday cards trumped your exercise time for the day, give yourself some slack. Don’t focus on what you didn’t do… focus on what you can do. Settling in for the night with a holiday movie? Squeeze in an ab workout or do some pushups on the commercial breaks. Fitting in some last minute shopping? Stop fighting for the close parking space and embrace the space that’s farthest (and more steps) away.

4. Time off from Work = Time to Try New Fitness Classes.
Are you normally limited in your class selection to the hour before or after work? Are you a creature of routine? Take advantage of your holiday time-off and try a new X3 class. If you’re an avid kick-boxer but want to try yoga, or vice versa, the holidays are the perfect time to try something new. Or, if you’ve been toying with the idea of being more active and fit, sign up for a free X3 class. You may just find your New Year’s resolution.

5. Do Something that Means Something.
Looking to give back this holiday season? Partake in activities that will make both your heart and body feel good. Lifting boxes at a local food bank can give your arms a workout while helping to ensure families have food to eat. Or, running a 5K whose proceeds go to a worthwhile charity is a great way to get in the spirit and feel good while doing it.


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