6 Things to Look For In the Best Kickboxing Gym

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    Kickboxing is a type of aerobic martial art that can help you burn calories, build muscles, boost your overall health, and make lifelong friends at kickboxing gyms.

    As a heart rate-increasing contact sport that involves both kicking and punching, as well as dodging, pivoting, and lunging, kickboxing effectively works out your whole body. A typical session involves punchy maneuvers, sometimes into the air and other times into punching bags. Since it’s by nature a stop-and-go activity that requires constant bouncing, kickboxing is high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, which burns up to 30% more calories than other forms of less-dynamic cardio exercise.

    Expect some of these benefits when taking a kickboxing class:

    • Muscle toning: build lean muscle from head-to-toe
    • Increased self-confidence: feel better in your own skin
    • Weight loss: watch as stubborn flab melts away with the magic of HIIT
    • Stress relief: it feels good to punch an inanimate object 
    • Improved flexibility, balance, and coordination
    • Notably higher energy levels: your metabolism and energy levels stay elevated for hours after class!
    • Boosted cardiovascular health: you will improve heart health and endurance

    An added bonus of kickboxing classes is that they’re fun! It’s common in a kickboxing gym to see groups of people pushing each other to work harder to high-energy music. This keeps people motivated and creates an atmosphere where it’s easy to make friends. At X3 Sports, so many of our Warriors are friends outside of the gym and do activities together as a group. This support system helps make it easier to stick to your workout regimen and reach your fitness goals faster.

    If you’re looking for a fun, challenging workout, kickboxing might be the perfect option for you. To help you get started, we’ve created this guide of at least 6 must-have features to look for when deciding on a kickboxing gym.

    What to Look For in a Kickboxing Gym:

    1. Professional, Experienced Instructors

    Getting the most out of your kickboxing experience means working with top-tier instructors who emulate professionalism. Experienced instructors know how to build a fun class and how to keep injuries at a minimum by pacing the class accordingly. The best kickboxing gyms can provide individualized paces and circuits to further cater to a group’s diverse set of experiences and demands.

    Our trainers design classes that can be applied to people of all fitness and experience levels. For newcomers, they’ll slow down the pace and offer individualized instruction if they feel you need extra tweaks or help with the moves. For more seasoned kickboxers, your instructor will help you dial up the intensity if they see you’re not being challenged. Since you control the velocity and power of your strikes and maneuvers, our kickboxing gym is perfect for anyone who feels motivated to take their fitness goals into their own hands under the guidance of professional instructors.

    2.  Beginner-Friendly Classes

    There’s nothing worse than stepping into a new workout class where everyone seems to know exactly what’s going on but you. To avoid feeling lost, behind, and frustrated, seek out beginner-friendly classes where trainers are willing to provide technical introductory instruction. At kickboxing gyms with trainers who are willing to teach the essentials, you’ll learn better form and progress safely.

    While we highly encourage you to strike our industry-standard 120 lb heavy bags to your heart’s desire, it’s important that you’re using proper form to protect your bones and joints. When you come to your first class at our kickboxing gym, don’t hesitate to share your experience level with your instructor so they can take time to break down essential new moves to ensure that you’re using the best technique.

    3. Clean, Comfortable Environment

    A well-maintained kickboxing gym can vastly improve your overall experience from start to finish. Does the gym have a nice locker room where you feel comfortable changing and leaving your items while in class? How often do they maintain the space? Are there clean showers so you can wash off before getting on with your day?

    At X3 Sports, our facilities are clean and safe, giving you the confidence to work out without worry. We even have some healthy food on location so that you can get a burst of nutrition before and after class, but we also offer discounts on some yummy, nutritious food options in the neighborhood.

    4. Stretching and Exercise Opportunities

    It’s essential to warm up and cool down before a kickboxing class to avoid injury and maximize effectiveness. When searching for a kickboxing gym, check to see what kinds of amenities it offers to facilitate pre- and post-workout stretching and exercise. Is there space outside of where the main class takes place to warm up? Are there exercise machines, such as treadmills, or weights available to complement your workout?

    At X3 Sports, we highly encourage our members to take advantage of the ample free gym space, weights, mats, and cardio equipment to extend their workouts before and after class as they see fit. We also offer restorative classes, such as yoga, that you can pepper into your schedule alongside kickboxing for a deeper stretch.

    5. Good Price and Value

    One of the greatest things about kickboxing is that it can help you burn so many calories in such a short time, helping you to reach your health and fitness goals faster. Compare and contrast the cost of kickboxing gyms near you and find the one with the best overall value. And remember, 700-900 calories burned per class is far more than a regular workout and far better than a run-of-the-mill gym can provide.

    While taking a one-off kickboxing class may be expensive, joining an all-inclusive gym such as X3 Sports, where you have access to multiple different types of amenities, class types, and times, as well as add-ons such as personal training, you’ll find that the break-down cost of each class is minimal in comparison.

    6. Gym-Provided Equipment

    It’s beneficial to buy your own equipment, such as gloves, if you plan to keep attending classes at a kickboxing gym. However, it’s helpful to have the option to rent on location if you forget your equipment or haven’t had a chance to buy your own yet. If a kickboxing gym sells equipment, they’ll be able to provide guidance on gear and easily replace things that wear or break.

    Our staff on premises will happily support you in any way you need. Feel free to come 15 minutes before class to check out the kickboxing gym and all of its amenities and to talk with the trainers in our gear and rental shops to learn about the protective gear, such as hand wraps, that you may want to use to further protect your extremities.

    X3 Sports is Georgia’s Top Kickboxing Gym

    If you have any hesitations before your workout, remind yourself why you decided to sign up for this class. What are your goals? How will this class help you reach them? Stick to that vision so that you can push through the periods of intensity.

    X3 Sports is a world-class kickboxing gym with top-tier trainers and facilities. Here are just a few things to expect from our gym:

    • Clean and safe locker rooms
    • Showers with deodorant, soap, shampoo, and conditioner
    • Warm-up and cool-down space and equipment
    • Discounted sales of gloves and wraps
    • Gear rentals
    • Experienced trainers
    • Personalized classes
    • Five gym locations: Inman Park Atlanta, West Midtown Atlanta, North Marietta, Marietta, and Athens 
    • Wide assortment of class types and times from high-intensity to restorative

    Make X3 Your Kickboxing Gym of Choice Today

    Kickboxing is an incredible exercise loaded with punches of fun! X3 trainers are here to help you reach all kinds of health and fitness goals. Let us help you reach the body of your dreams and forge unforgettable friendships. Book your free class today!

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