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X3 Sports is proud to be named THE place to go for Kickboxing in Atlanta by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “If Atlanta is talking about it, the AJC has the story.”

Amazing, right?! X3 Sports provides high-quality 55-minute kickboxing classes for all fitness and experience levels. We were chosen as the best kickboxing in Atlanta because of our multiple, convenient locations and world-class facilities, services and trainers. Get motivated now and book your FREE class TODAY by clicking the link at the bottom of this article.

Did You Know?

Kickboxing is an amazing way to burn calories, lose weight, strengthen your arm, leg and core muscles, improve balance and alleviate stress! If you’re looking for a group workout that is full of fun, our classes are the best for kickboxing in Atlanta. With so many exciting aspects to cardio kickboxing, it’s no wonder kickboxing is one of the hottest workout trends. When you take kickboxing in Atlanta, you’ll feel happier, and healthier and leave our classes feeling great!


Kickboxing in Atlanta: How Many Calories Do You Usually Burn? 

How many calories are your workouts really burning? Every type of exercise burns calories at a different rate. But with cardio kickboxing, the answer is: A LOT. Kickboxing in Atlanta is a particularly efficient way to burn a high number of calories in a relatively small amount of time. Burn more than 700 calories in a typical class!

Kickboxing will get your heart pumping, your body sweating, and the pounds melting off your body. Our high-intensity kickboxing in Atlanta workout combines martial arts maneuvers, like kicks and punches, with cardio, such as bouncing, pivoting and rapid stop-and-go movements. If you’re thinking about trying kickboxing in Atlanta, we offer excellent aerobic workouts that will tone your arms, legs and core!

Kickboxing in Atlanta Made Easy: X3 Has 2 Atlanta Locations and More Within Georgia

We make kickboxing in Atlanta easy and accessible! X3 Sports has five locations throughout Georgia, including: 

  • North Marietta
  • Marietta
  • Inman Park Atlanta
  • West Midtown Atlanta
  • Athens

If you’re looking for a convenient way to access the best kickboxing in Atlanta, look no further than an X3 gym. We have everything you need to get the most out of your exercise. 

X3 Facilities Are Full-Service 

Part of what makes X3 the best kickboxing in Atlanta is our incredible facilities. Feel like a pro athlete in our clean, safe and well-equipped facilities. Our well-maintained gyms feature comfortable locker rooms with clean showers, access to equipment for buy and rent, discounts to local eateries and on-site food, kickboxing punching bags and mats, and cardio machines so you can extend your warmup and cooldown. Did we mention our 120 lb bags!? Our real heavy bags are exactly what you see in the movies, and exactly what you need to get fit. Rent or buy gloves and feel just like Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby

X3 Features Beginner-Friendly Classes 

You’ll never feel lost, behind or frustrated in our kickboxing in Atlanta classes. Our experienced trainers provide technical and introductory instruction so that anyone can join and get caught up to speed. It’s important to know the essentials so that you can kick and punch to your heart’s desire while keeping it safe and the injuries to a minimum. The trainers at our kickboxing in Atlanta classes will meet you at your fitness and experience level, push you to your limits, and turn up the intensity as you progress!

From The AJC Rating X3 Best Kickboxing in Atlanta:

Work out your aggression and burn some serious calories with kickboxing, a competitive martial art. Bags provide resistance and help you tone your arms, legs, and abs while increasing your heart rate. A 155-pound person can burn around 744 calories per hour, depending on the intensity of the workout, so even 30 minutes should burn more than 300 calories.


X3 Sports, Atlanta, Inman Park, Marietta locations. x3sports.com

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution article written by Mary Caldwell on August 31, 2016.

Come Try the Best Kickboxing in Atlanta

Now that the AJC has had its say, you MUST come try the best kickboxing in Atlanta. We guarantee you’ll enjoy our group classes and leave each 55-minute session feeling happier, healthier, less stressed and full of smiles. Shed weight, make friends, get stronger and have fun!

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