Channing Hixon

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    I joined X3 in July 2013 and decided I wanted proper yoga instruction, so I started taking yoga classes there in August. I definitely have more body awareness since I started doing yoga; discovering muscles I never knew existed within my body and engaging those muscles that I wouldn’t normally engage or even notice while doing regular intensive workouts (such as kickboxing, fast track, etc). Targeting and strengthening those specific muscles have contributed greatly to my performance in the more intensive workouts. I had noodle arms… I mean they are still small but before they were useless, couldn’t hold myself up in a plank to save the lives of kittens and puppies.

    After all the Chaturangas and Downward Dogs… holding my body weight is no longer a problem. In fact I am in love arm balances! Yoga has provided me with such a sense of strength (not only body but mind as well) and greatly improved my flexibility. In the not too distant future my leg will be behind my head. Yoga and X3 Sports has inspired me so much and benefited to my overall health that I am currently a certified yoga instructor at X3 Sports.*

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