Membership Level: X3

The Martial Artist

If you want to become a master of self-defense and your body…

X3 Sports offers an X3-level membership for individuals who want to learn martial arts from some of the best professors in the country. Our coaches have a wide array of experience to support your commitment to your health and fitness goals through our martial arts programs.

Our students start out at a white belt or beginner level, and our professors will coach you up on fundamental skills so you can build a strong foundation. You will also have the opportunity to join Team X3 and compete in local amateur competitions if that is your goal.

As you hone your martial arts skills, you can also balance your fitness journey with any of our 10 other training programs.

X3 Level Classes

X3 Sports MMA classes will teach you MMA fundamentals and combined techniques. If you're a beginner, you'll learn the basics of striking, submissions, and wrestling—and how to blend them all together. When you're ready for more advanced moves, our world-class trainers will help you improve your skills. They can even train you to become a professional fighter.

Whether you're looking for the best system of self-defense, wanting a challenging way to stay active, or hold aspirations of competition, our world-class professors welcome all beginners through black belts onto the mats.

All X1 and X2 Level Classes

All X1 and X2 level classes are included in your membership: Kickboxing, Boxing, Fight & Flow, Fast Track, Yoga, Power Track, Advanced Boxing, and Muay Thai.

Your Member Benefits

  • Unlimited access to the entire X3 Sports facility, including weights, cardio, bags, turf, mats, and more.

  • Access to all X3 Sports locations.

  • Guest passes.

  • A member rewards program. (Perkville)

  • Ongoing Fitness and Body Assessments and consultations.

  • One private training session with your choice of the instructor to get you started on the right path.

  • Access to all 5 locations.

  • 400+ weekly classes.

  • X3 Plus Partner discounts.


X3 Memberships start at $189 / month.*

Enjoy 10% off Memberships if you are any of the following:

  • Veterans/Military
  • Students
  • First-Responders

*Price based on 12 month term

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