Charlotte Evans

I decided on my birthday this year that I was tired of the status quo. I was kind of fat and kind of tired, and I was tired of being tired. I decided to make some changes to my inner me. As an afterthought, I added a throwaway about physical changes I would not be opposed to. Five days later, I came to X3 Sports in Marietta and got my tail handed to me. But I came back. And I made it through and become an X3 member. And each class, I push harder. I am more active overall and eat healthier.

I am one pound from losing a pound for every year I have been on Earth (41) and I am down 5 sizes. I decide to rise daily because I never want to be the same broken down tired mess I was less than 9 months ago in February 2015.

At 41, I never thought I’d be able to do this! SEE MORE OF CHARLOTTE’S STORY ON OUR BLOG.*

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