Getting Ready For Your First X3 Sports Class

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    Motivation. Check.

    Discovered X3 Sports. Check.

    Scheduled a free class. Check.

    Now what?

    X3 Sports Kickboxing Class

    Regardless of whether it’s been one month, one year, or what seems like one lifetime since you’ve worked out, setting foot in a new environment can be daunting. Add to that the fear of looking like a beginner in front of the class, and it can be enough to send you running in the other direction.

    The good news? X3 Sports has you covered with a Cheat-Sheet of what to do and expect at your first class that will kick any apprehension to the curb.

    Before You Arrive

    Preparing for class is simple. Wear a t-shirt, shorts, or any comfortable workout attire and bring a water bottle. If you’re someone who tends to perspire, bring a sweat towel too. That’s it. We’ll supply you with all other gear needed for free. After your first class, gear is available to be rented or purchased on premise.

    Interested in pairing up with a pal? Each guest can bring one friend to their first class; just make sure they’re registered 24 hours in advance.

    A little energy before class can go a long way. Eat a snack around two hours before class to ensure you have the optimum energy for your workout, without your stomach being too full. A small portion of low glycemic fruit, like berries, is best. Fibrous carbs like vegetables are also great for flowing blood & oxygen to the muscles. For a complete list of high, low and moderate glycemic foods, visit

    At X3 Sports: Before Class

    Arrive at least 15 minutes early. Upon arrival, you’ll be introduced to the instructor. During this time, you’ll be asked about any injuries, goals, focus areas, and your workout history. This information helps our instructors customize the class to your experience and fitness level. Because each class is customized, all classes are beginner friendly.

    For those taking Kickboxing, Boxing, or Muay Thai, our team will wrap your hands prior to class, if needed. Wraps will provide support for wrists, prevent friction between hands and gloves, and provide additional padding. If you would like to wrap your own hands, we created a video tutorial so you can learn before class.

    At X3 Sports: During Class

    Each class is 55 minutes long and is made up of around 15-25 people of all shapes, sizes, and ages… just like you. Our members are friendly and encouraging, creating an open and welcoming environment.

    At the onset of each class, instructors will scan the class to gauge fitness and experience levels and customize the workout. Instructors are hands-on and will work with you one on one during class to help with technique or questions.

    Classes typically begin with a 5 – 15 minute warm up period. Technique and conditioning are incorporated together, progressively increasing in intensity amidst constant variety.

    X3 Sports FastTrack Class

    Classes are designed to go at your own pace, so take a break if needed. Some instructors give water breaks; others do not; don’t let this stop you from breaking when needed. It usually takes 2 – 3 classes to get used to everything. After that, you’ll start rocking it.

    After Your Workout

    Class attendees typically burn between 700-900 calories each class. While everyone is different, members will typically start to see or feel results in two weeks, and it is not uncommon to lose ten pounds in your first month.

    While it will be the workout which keeps you engaged during class, it’s the massive feeling of accomplishment you’ll feel afterwards that will keep you coming back. Expect to feel pumped up after the workout —euphoric even—and want to do it again!

    If you haven’t signed up for your free class, you can do so here! Now you know what to expect and how to prepare, so there are no excuses to not get started with the best fitness and training center in Atlanta!

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