How Much Are Kickboxing Classes?

How Much Are Kickboxing Classes?

As kickboxing classes continue to grow in popularity across the United States, with 9% of Americans participating in the sport regularly, a common question is, “How much are kickboxing classes?”

The answer is not straightforward, as it will depend on several factors, such as the location of the kickboxing classes, the level of expertise of the kickboxing instructors, and whether the kickboxing classes are taking place in a standard gym or a specialized kickboxing gym.

However, the answer is not impossible to determine. This article will break down some of the factors that can lead to an answer to the question of how much are kickboxing classes.

Additional Financial Benefits of Kickboxing Classes

When investigating how much are kickboxing classes, it’s essential to consider the financial benefits that come from taking kickboxing classes. 

Save on Healthcare Expenses

For example, losing weight and turning fat into muscle can help people save on healthcare expenses related to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic conditions. Recent estimates suggest that people who exercise regularly can save as much as $2,000 annually on healthcare-related expenses.

Replace Expensive Social Outings

In addition to helping save on healthcare costs, kickboxing can replace other types of social gatherings. The friendly environment of kickboxing classes can help people make friends and find ways to have fun without spending money on other activities, such as going to the bar or dining out.

Lead to Healthier, More Cost-Effective Habits

Another way kickboxing classes can help in other financial aspects of one’s life is by instilling healthy habits that can be less expensive. For example, it is far more cost-effective to cook meals at home than to dine out or go through a drive-through after a long day. 

But it’s time to get down to the question: How much are kickboxing classes?

So, How Much Are Kickboxing Classes?

When looking for an answer to the question of how much are kickboxing classes, it’s important to consider three factors:

  • First, where are the kickboxing classes taking place?
  • Who is teaching the kickboxing classes?
  • What else is included?

The answers to these questions will shine a light on the answer to the question, how much are kickboxing classes?

Where Are the Kickboxing Classes Taking Place?

There will be a few answers to this question, including the geographical city where the kickboxing classes are located and the type of facility. In general, cities with higher living expenses will charge more for kickboxing and other classes than cities with lower living expenses.

So, the next factor regarding the location of the kickboxing classes is the facility type. Some standard gyms offer kickboxing classes alongside other types of group fitness classes. Then there are gyms, like X3 Sports, that are dedicated kickboxing and boxing facilities with highly trained instructors who can help participants take their kickboxing as far as they want. 

Finally, consider whether the kickboxing classes are individual or group, as this will affect the answer to the question, “how much are kickboxing classes?”

Who is Teaching the Kickboxing Classes?

In standard gyms, kickboxing classes may be taught by trainers who are not necessarily specialized to teach kickboxing and boxing. They may help participants get a solid cardio workout, but they lack the expertise to help participants get better at kickboxing.

On the other hand, specialized kickboxing gyms are likely to have professional kickboxers trained to help participants get a great workout while improving every aspect of their kickboxing training. Some might even help people reach the professional level of kickboxing if they choose that route. 

What Else is Included?

Finally, it’s important to consider all the “extras” that come with a gym membership, such as additional classes, a locker room, access to body assessments, additional training options, and more. 

Here is a general pricing outline for the different styles of kickboxing classes offered:

  1. Private kickboxing classes: $100/hour
  2. Group kickboxing classes: $120-$200/month
  3. Kickboxing classes in a gym: $120-$200/month

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