Jay Pearson

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    Before Power Track I was doing a lot of cardio conditioning. I was on the scale every day watching the pounds melt off and day-by-day I was getting smaller but my body looked and felt like crap. Losing the pounds was cool, but I was also shedding muscle mass. My joints were killing me, in particular my knees and my back and my core were still very weak.  Heck, I couldn’t even do a pull up! Now that I think back, I never could do a pull up!?

    I wanted to be stronger. I wanted to look different. Losing pounds wasn’t the only reason why I joined X3; I joined X3 to change the way my body looked, felt and performed! I wanted to be fit! -not skinny fat. Rob Jacob’s Power Track delivered fit and more! Rob taught me about strength through proper form, tempo and compound lifting. I don’t come to X3 to workout. I can workout at home. I come to X3 to train, strengthen, and develop my BODY and all its components! Rob you have done more than you will ever know for me and my family. Thank you very much! My wife says I’m sexy… now.*

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