Where to Go for Kickboxing in Atlanta

kickboxing in atlanta

Where to Go for Kickboxing in Atlanta

As kickboxing gains popularity among people of all fitness abilities, many are wondering where to go for kickboxing in Atlanta. With so many different choices cropping up around town, finding the right place for kickboxing classes can be a hard decision. 

Fortunately, there is an easy answer – X3 Sports. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) has named X3 Sports as THE place to go for kickboxing in Atlanta. Here are some reasons why X3 Sports is considered the best of the best for kickboxing in Atlanta.

Where is The Best Kickboxing in Atlanta? 

With classes that can burn between 600 and 900 calories an hour, it’s no surprise that people of all ages are eager to sign up for kickboxing in Atlanta. Kickboxing offers a total-body resistance, cardio, and balance workout that can help build mental and physical strength for men and women.

It’s important to choose the right place for kickboxing, with high-quality equipment, experienced trainers, and the right blend of a supportive and motivating environment. 

With that in mind, here are some reasons why X3 Sports is home to the best kickboxing in Atlanta. 

1. The AJC Says So

It’s hard to argue with the AJC! It’s kind of a big deal that one of the leading newspapers in Atlanta has declared that X3 is a top place to go for kickboxing in Atlanta. 

The newspaper cites that X3 kickboxing participants can get a massive calorie burn in a short amount of time while increasing their heart rate and toning their arms, legs, and abs. The AJC recognizes that kickboxing is a strength-boosting all-body workout and that X3 is THE gym for kickboxing in Atlanta.

2. Top-notch Facilities and Equipment

X3 Sports offers a high-quality environment, which includes having only the best equipment and the most up-to-date facilities in town. There are several X3 locations in the Atlanta area, providing convenience for those living in and around the city. Find X3 Sports in Inman Park, Marietta, North Marietta, West Midtown, and Athens. Each location offers slightly different class times, adding another layer of convenience for members. 

3. World-class Trainers Dedicated to Student Success

In contrast, X3 Sports hires only the best kickboxing trainers. The trainers each understand how to engage with and help participants learn kickboxing moves safely to reach their health, weight, and wellness goals. 

The X3 training team will offer guidance on everything from performing moves with good form to taking a routine to the next level. Trainers get to know members personally and work hard to help participants have a great kickboxing experience.  Achieving success in kickboxing workouts can reinforce positive workout habits and lead to increased confidence in other aspects of their life.

4. Classes for All Fitness Levels

One great thing about kickboxing in Atlanta is that anyone can do it! Whether participants are entirely new to fitness or elite athletes, they can enjoy kickboxing’s mental and physical benefits. 

Members train together but focus on their own levels of intensity. Every class has options for different fitness levels, ensuring that everyone walks away from class feeling stronger and more confident than when they walked in. Whether a beginner or an experienced athlete, everyone can participate in kickboxing in Atlanta.

5. Supportive Membership-based Community

At X3 Sports, members aren’t just another number or a nameless face in a crowd. Instead, they are an instant part of a growing community of like-minded people who want to get stronger, healthier, and more confident together. 

The X3 team recognizes that personal engagement builds community. Therefore, they have created an environment that encourages classmates to interact with and support each other from start to finish. This community aspect is one reason X3 is a top location for kickboxing in Atlanta. Community involvement keeps members motivated and excited to show up for class regularly, even when they might not feel like exercising.

Try X3 for Kickboxing in Atlanta

Ready to get started kickboxing in Atlanta? Now is an excellent time to get started with kickboxing by trying a class at one of X3 Sports’ many Atlanta-area locations.

Get a free class from the top-rated location for kickboxing in Atlanta to see what it’s all about. Sign up today!

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