Lisa Arrietta

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    I started in January of 2013 with a goal of keeping my strength, increase my resistance, focus my mind and most importantly; enjoy anything I want to do.

    I love the boxing classes because it’s a very dynamic and fun combination of everything including learning how to enhance my balance. The practice, the timing and sequences, improve my strength; which has helped me to improve my core. This is very important to me because these attributes have been a huge help in order to offset my weakness that is primarily based on how I am able to stay on my feet.

    The classes are helping me to improve a multitude of things. I have Muscular Dystrophy condition and it causes me to experience weakness in all of my joints. It’s specifically painful in my lower extremities.  This is a progressive condition and targets my capabilities to maintain and sometimes even find my balance.  It is for this reason I have to find the courage and do my best to keep motivated in my workouts, in an effort to have a better life.

    Everyday I work on my strength, balance and resistance capacity. I know I have found a place to help me stay healthy and I feel awesome every time I’m done with my routines.  When I have my daily workouts I feel energized for the day, ready for anything and can face any challenge.

    It is a wonderful opportunity to have this kind of training facility which includes a schedule of different classes.  Everyone that comes to X3 to workout is doing something different and I feel that they are all working hard to achieve their goals. Every staff member is kind and shows they care, but most importantly, they are willing to get me a tremendous experience every time I am there.  I must say I feel comfortable and I am going to an excellent environment to support me in reaching my daily goals.  I always say that the best someone can do each day, is something good for your mental and physical health.  Consistency and having excellent discipline is the key to feeling spectacular.*

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