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    Everyone needs motivation, but often, it’s nowhere to be found! For some, it’s hiding in the plush down of their favorite comforter, for others, it gets sucked into their favorite TV show or slips into the grips of queso and cerveza. 

    Motivation Made Easy | Motivate Yourself | X3 Sports

    Motivation is like laundry. We know it’s there and needs to be addressed, but then again it’ll always be there to take care of later, and it’s better to tend to it in small bites rather than one massive haul. (No one wants moldy motivation, after all.) 

    So how do we keep motivated? If math class was good for anything, it was the introduction of PEMDAS. Acronyms just make life easier—and they apply here! Make your way down the word “motivate” with our acronymous reminder of self-starting tactics to keep motivation in your court day-round, week-round, month-round, and (you guessed it) year-round. 

    M — Moderation: Feeling restricted from your favorite foods can give your pushback more fuel. Don’t cut yourself off from what you like, just remember to appreciate what you like by eating it in respectful quantities and frequencies. 

    O — Options: If you dislike running but need cardio to reach your goals, try getting creative and customize. Maybe you bring back jumping rope? Go for a swim? Or come to one of our boxing classes; jab, cross, uppercut may be all arms but you’ll work your heart just as hard. 

    T — Time: Plan ahead for yourself! After all the obligations of the day are said and done, skipping your physical activity is often the repercussion of not considering your fitness as part of your calendar. This is one of those things where you feel 100% better after doing it, but starting is more daunting than free climbing El Capitan. 30 minutes penciled in (or signing up for a class in advance!) will change your life. 

    I — Invite: So many things are better shared, including the burn of a workout well done. Get your friends and family involved! Invite those you love to be a part of your path to a healthier self. Partnering up makes the work easier and time fly. 

    V — Verify: Introspection is no easy feat. It takes time and commitment but pays off in mind-clearing intuition. Schedule meditative moments where you can check in with yourself to make sure you’re doing what you need to do to stay well. Maybe you need to redirect towards a new and improved goal or adjust your reasoning for doing the work. We deceive ourselves at times when there is fear or uncertainty; be true to you and the work will feel like pressure releasing rather than building. 

    A — Ask: Why do humans struggle with asking for help?! It’s our kryptonite of control. Because we are not future-seeing, omnipotent beings, we make up for our mysterious futures by attempting to be more in control than necessary. Pro-tip, our trainers love answering questions, helping you achieve your goals, and talking to you about fitness. Ask them for help. It will make you feel more certain about your needs 100% of the time. 

    T — Teach: What’s the best way to learn? To teach. If there’s a particular workout that trips you up (hello, yoga sequences) teach it to someone you care about! The act of sharing with another person will imbed the practice into a more rigorous part of the brain ensuring better retention and sweeter reward. 

    E — Explore: Don’t let yourself become bored with your fitness practice. It’s called a practice because it’s ever-evolving and changing to your ever-changing self. Exploration is a huge tenant of X3, which is why we offer such a wide array of classes. There is never any shame for not knowing how to do something, but it is a shame to have the opportunity and not try something new. Jiu-Jitsu is calling you, Fast Track, too! 

    Motivation Made Easy | Motivate Yourself | X3 Sports

    However you stay motivated, know that you’re not alone in your journey to a healthier self. 

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