Muay Thai For Women: 7 Things You Need To Know

There are so many benefits of Muay Thai for women that it is almost surprising to find out that more women are not practicing it. Muay Thai is a martial art that is as fantastic a workout as it is a self-defense training tool. It can help build confidence in women while allowing them to burn major calories. Best of all, it is accessible to everyone! There’s no such thing as being too old to learn Muay Thai.

Muay Thai for Women: 7 Things You Need to Know

Here are seven essential things to know about Muay Thai for women that we hope will help convince you to try your first class.

1. It’s Great for Building Community

People unfamiliar with martial arts, including Muay Thai, often mistakenly believe they are all individual sports. While it is true that you will be focused on mastering Muay Thai moves independently, it is also true that you will become part of a larger community of women who feel empowered during and after each Muay Thai session. 

For example, X3 Sports has unified Muay Thai events where every member across all five locations can get together and work out as a group.

2. It Can Be Competitive

Everyone starts Muay Thai as a beginner. This is essential for learning and performing the fundamental moves without risking injury. 

As you become more skilled at Muay Thai for women, though, you may decide that you want to compete. Great! Classes are designed to allow you to work your way up to a competitive level. At X3, all our instructors are competitive Muay Thai athletes who can get you into shape for competition. 

3. Muay Thai is NOT Just for Men

Think Muay Thai is a men’s sport? Think again. Even in areas where Muay Thai has been traditionally male-dominated, women are starting to make strides. 

In the U.S., Muay Thai for women classes bring together like-minded women who want to push themselves mentally and physically in a supportive environment. 

Muay Thai can help women become stronger, learn valuable self-defense moves, and gain confidence in all aspects of their lives. A strong community of women at X3 Sports take Muay Thai classes.

4. It is Excellent for Learning Self Defense

Many women want to learn self-defense moves for their personal safety and security. Muay Thai is excellent for this, as the movements can easily be adapted for self-defense. You will learn how to use your entire body as a weapon and skillfully get away from an attacker.

Plus, the strikes taught in Muay Thai for women are highly effective and powerful. Thus, they can be a great deterrent and keep an attacker from pursuing.

5. Women’s Muay Thai Classes are Safe

All Muay Thai classes taught at X3 Sports are entirely safe. We provide a complete Muay Thai kit when you purchase a membership. This includes everything you need to stay safe during class, including shin guards, gloves, a mouth guard, and a helmet.

6. Excellent for Burning Calories

Did we mention that Muay Thai is a fantastic workout that helps women build muscle, increase cardiovascular endurance, and get in great shape? 

It is possible to burn as many as 800 calories per hour by taking Muay Thai classes. The best part is that time flies by, and many people don’t even realize how hard they have worked or how many calories they have burned in a single class.

7. Increases Self-Confidence and Self-Awareness

Learning how to strike and defend can help women feel confident in class. This confidence will extend outside of class, potentially impacting every aspect of your life. 

In addition, Muay Thai will naturally increase your self-awareness. You will become more aware of your surroundings, which can keep you safe and help you understand what is happening around you.

X3 Sports for Muay Thai for Women

At X3 Sports, we have a strong community of women who practice Muay Thai. They are strong, empowered, and encouraging to other members. Our members lift each other up while encouraging each other to reach their full potential. 

We want to see you at an upcoming Muay Thai class. To get started, sign up for a free Muay Thai class at your local X3 Sports location. See you soon!

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