Staying Fit At Home

You don’t need access to a gym to stay fit! Here are some quick at-home workouts that will help you stay active until our doors reopen! Try Golf swing drills are an obvious place to start but hear me out, most golfers do not max out their progression with golf swing drills. There are three key ways you can practice your golf swing at home. Most focus on the first example listed below, but I personally love option two for higher level golfers (single figure players and pros), and would suggest option three to most developing golfers (10 handicap and up). You can also try using the best golf simulator to improve your game.

Day 1

Complete 3-5 rounds of the following. Rest 1 minute after each round.

15 V-Ups
20 Stack Push-Ups (10 each side)
20 Seated Hip Extensions
20 High Plank Shoulder Taps (10 each side)

Day 2

Bodyweight HIIT (High Intense Interval Training) Workout.

Complete 3-5 Rounds with a 1 minute rest after each round. Perform each exercise at a high pace for 45 seconds followed by a short 15 second rest.  

45-seconds Speed Skaters
45-seconds Jumping Jacks
45-seconds Spider Man Push-Ups
45-seconds Jumping Lunges
45-seconds Burpees

Day 3

Repetition is the key to unlocking success in BJJ. Practice these moves at home to get a great workout, maintain your conditioning and unlock your next level of BJJ!

5 Rounds with a 1 minute rest in between rounds:

Band Workout – 2 minutes
Arm Drags – 1 minute
Triangle Chokes – 30 Reps each side
Guard Solo Leg Movement – 3 minutes
Break Fall Technical Stance – 10 reps each side

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