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    What motivated you to change your life?

    Our proud X3 member Robert Hollander

    Our proud X3 member Robert Hollander

    That is an essential question when talking about getting fit and actually doing something about it. You will get many different answers, but one of the best I’ve ever heard is: “Look good naked.”

    Yes, that simple but true answer comes from X3 member Robert Hollander, our Success Story feature this month. We met up with Robert at the X3 Sports Inman Park location, where Robert has worked with personal trainer, Brian Meadows, five days a week for the past year.

    Clearly he loves it! At the ripe age of 62, Robert desires to continue challenging himself with classes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and PowerTrack. Read Robert’s personal story of getting fit, boosting his self-image and even increasing his success rate with women!



    What changed your life and made you join X3 Sports?

    “It’s that image of my father and what happened to him. So my determination is that I don’t want that to be me.”

    We understand what Robert means. Seeing a parent, or anyone you love, decline in health and become immobile, is difficult to experience.

    “Whatever years I live, I want them to be quality. I want to able to enjoy life.”

    Robert toning muscle at X3 Sports

    Robert toning muscle at X3 Sports

    Shortly after his father passed, Robert decided to put his health first. He had a health assessment which included photographs. After seeing the photos, he immediately went online and researched personal training.

    After his first Health Assessment, Robert before X3 Sports

    After his first Health Assessment, Robert before X3 Sports (January 2015)

    After your health assessment, how did you feel?

    “When I looked at the photos, I could not believe what I looked like. I couldn’t believe that was me. It was terrible. I had been taking Crossfit for a year. I had no idea, that I absolutely looked that bad. I had to do something about it.”

    How did you discover X3 Sports?

    Robert realized that Crossfit was not the program for him and wanted a more personal regiment to emphasize toning of his body. Having no idea what to do, he went back online to do research.

    “About that time, I discovered Mixed Martial Arts, and Ronda Rousey specifically. Ronda Rousey, she’s just amazing. Reading about her, I discovered one of her specialities was in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

    If I’m going to learn something new, that sounded very interesting. So I googled ‘Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’, and the first hit was ‘X3 Sports’.”

    Lifting weight during his Personal Training session

    Lifting weight during his Personal Training session

    Why did you join X3 Sports?

    “Wow! I saw all the energy and excitement that was going on here, and the classes, and the enthusiasm…it’s infectious! It was a no brainer. I was here to sign up.”

    What made you sign up for personal training at X3 Sports?

    Robert recalled seeing X3 Sports trainer Brian Meadows for the first time during his X3 Sports tour and thinking “that guy looks like he does body building,” and Robert wanted that same look.

    “I signed up right then and there.

    When I look at current selfies and compare them to older ones…I can feel it. Everything. I feel huge!”

    Robert accomplishing his objective: "Look good naked."

    Robert accomplishing his objective: “Look good naked.” (October 2015)

    How often do you have personal training sessions?

    “My first week, I did two sessions. My second week, I did three sessions. After doing three sessions for a couple weeks, I said I would like to do work up to the point where I do a session every day. It took me a couple weeks more to get to the point where I do a session every day.

    My general level of fitness is much higher than it was than in those days.” 

    What motivates you to stay in shape and train at X3 Sports?

    “The objective is to look good naked!” responded Robert laughing. Definitely a great answer!

    “The question I ask myself is what motivated me before? And so this desire to not be like my father is probably what has kept me going even when I haven’t seen results. But now what motivates me is every week, I can see an improvement.

    • One, I don’t want to be like my father.
    • Two, I’m 62 years old, so if I don’t do it now, it’s not like I’m going to do it next year. Time is my enemy. That’s why I’m here five days a week. This is a priority, my health is important.
    • Three, the results. Not only do I see the results, other people see it too.”
    Robert lifting during his Personal Training session

    Robert lifting during his Personal Training session

    Do you enjoy taking selfies now after becoming fit?

     “I have never been one to take selfies, but now I take alot. I never did that before. I take selfies everyday now. I can tell the difference from three weeks ago, from the week before.”


    Robert gaining his confidence, self-esteem and presence back!
    Robert gaining his confidence, self-esteem and presence back!

    Has your confidence changed?

    “I’ve never been somebody to admire the way I look, and now I do. I have random people, saying to me ‘You look great’ and ‘You’re in great shape.’ Especially lovely ladies!

    Yes, especially in dealing with members of the opposite sex, my confidence and self-esteem has gone way up. My physical presence among other people has gone through the roof!

    My success rate has gone way up, as far as meeting ladies and going on dates; it went from nothing to a lot. With the only difference being that I’m exercising.”

     What are your next goals at X3 Sports?

    “My next goal is to integrate something along with my five sessions a week. And that goal is, at the moment, return to the original objective of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.”

    A jovial laugh is the perfect ending to our interview with Robert. He shared his journey from the beginning to almost a year later at X3 Sports. We feel so inspired! He’s going strong, and we cannot wait to see him on the mat!

    And of course, a selfie with Robert!

    And of course, a selfie with Robert!

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