The Value of Building a Fitness Community And Its Importance

Building a Fitness Community

Fitness Community

When it comes to achieving your personal health and fitness goals, it helps to be part of a fitness community. In fact, research shows that group training allows you to achieve your fitness goals faster. 

That’s a big reason why, from day one, we set out to create a sense of community in our clubs. No matter where you are on your journey, here’s why building a fitness community is so important. 

Motivation and Inspiration

When you work out with other people, whether it’s a small group or a large group, they help keep you motivated and inspired. You can feed off the energy and enthusiasm of the instructor and your fellow classmates. 

And, if you’re struggling to get through a workout, seeing other people push themselves can help keep you going. 

You can also benefit from challenging yourself to keep pace with the class. And if you’re just getting started, there are always people there to encourage you and cheer you on. We were all beginners at some point, so we know how to help you get to that next step toward your fitness goals—and the next, and the next, and the next!

Accountability and Commitment

The people in your gym community can help you stay accountable and committed as you move along your fitness journey. For example, when you need someone to keep you from slacking off or slowing down, they will be there for you (just like you are for them). 

Working out in a group training environment also increases your sense of commitment. After you start regularly attending a class or exercising with a fitness group, your workout buddies will expect you to show up. It’s human nature not to want to disappoint people who are counting on you. 

You’d be upset if they flaked, so why would you? Ultimately it’s a win-win, because by showing up for them, you also show up for yourself.

Guidance and Tips

When you take a fitness class, you have expert trainers there to ensure you’re doing each exercise, move, or stretch correctly. This helps you avoid injury and enables you to progress more quickly on your fitness journey. 

Trainers can also show you ways to fine-tune your technique so you can get even more out of your workouts. Often, there are highly experienced students in the class who can also provide you with guidance and tips. 

Progress and Achievement

Research shows that when you work out with a group, you work out harder. And when you work out harder, you reach your fitness goals faster. Exercising with others who are more advanced than you can also help you progress more quickly. 

Seeing what they can do helps you push past mental barriers to reach that next personal milestone. They can also inspire (and help!) you to try new, more complex moves and exercises. 

Certain types of group training programs or fitness classes have built-in “check points,” where participants can track their progress over the past few weeks or months. In our PowerTrackTM weight-training class, for example, we have a leaderboard that allows our members to monitor, document, and celebrate their weight lifting goals. 

This is a great way to stay motivated, because simply seeing how far you’ve come can encourage you to keep going and—most importantly—go even further. Pretty soon, you’ll be that seasoned class member who’s inspiring others to hit their next big goal. 

Community and Belonging With Group Classes

One of the biggest benefits of being part of a fitness community is the word “community” itself. Humans are social creatures. So when you’re part of a group of people who are working toward the same thing, it creates a sense of belonging. You all get to play a part in helping one another to succeed. 

Set goals together is a big part of culture.  That way if one of you is struggling to get through that last set of squats, your whole group is there to cheer them on. And when you or someone else in your crew hits a huge milestone, you get to celebrate—together. 

Team X3 Helps Create a Fitness Community

At X3, we understand the importance of building a fitness community. It’s so important to us, in fact, we’re extending that effort beyond our club workouts through Team X3. 

Team X3 is a fun way for our members to compete in events outside our clubs. Any X3 member who wants to participate in sporting events like fundraising runs, field sports, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) matches, and more can get in on the action with us! It’s a fun way to get together as a community and share our warrior spirit outside of the club.

Experience Group Training at X3 Sports

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