Trainer Spotlight: Aaron Taylor

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    Looking to reach your fitness goals? Our fitness coaches have got you covered. Take a look at Aaron Taylor, one of our dynamic fitness coaches who teaches Kickboxing, Fast Track, and boxing. We recently sat down and got to know a little bit more about Aaron’s teaching philosophy and his lifestyle. Aaron takes pride in teaching the correct technique to our members and he is always looking towards improvement.

    Aaron teaching Kickboxing at
    X3 Sports: West Midtown

    Keep reading to take a dive into the kind of healthy choices Aaron makes about eating, what he gets into on his days off, his favorite workouts, and his personal life.

    What is your favorite thing about your job?

    “Showing technique that is one of the things I pride myself on. Because when it clicks that look on peoples face is that “OH thats why that makes sense as to why things are done a certain way that’s what I love.”

    What is your favorite healthy snack?

    “Fruits with a lot of water. So, like oranges , watermelon, and apples. Eating your water is one thing Tony Tucci taught me. Not only do you get the hydration but you get vitamins and minerals and things of that nature. Grapes, that’s another good one. That’s what I am on right now.”

    What is one thing that a lot of people get wrong about fitness?

    “Well the most prevalent thing I think is thinking that it’s going to happen in a short amount of time. You know you have to give yourself time in order to see the changes. The other thing is truly not eating properly. Your body is made in the kitchen. You know how they say 80% kitchen 20% weight room. That’s true if you’re not eating properly and finding out what truly works for you eating clean, maybe at a calorie deficit that is what truly helps you get your goals.”

    What is your favorite core exercise?

    “Right now it’s anything where I’m hanging from a bar and bringing my legs up. So you really get that full range of motion fighting against gravity bringing your legs up.”

    What personal record are you currently trying to beat?

    “My body fat percentage. You know sometimes I struggle on the weekends like I had 3 bowls of cereal last night before I went to bed. Sundays kind of get me because I am kinda sitting around. But just pushing myself personally knowing I reached this level. It’s almost like in anime going from super saiyan 2 to super saiyan 3. When I first got in shape I was at super saiyan I think right now I am hovering super saiyan 2. How do I get to super saiyan 3 and that’s like the body fat percentage. Truly being shredded that’s my goal working on the shred.”

    What is your favorite type of cardio?

    “Honestly it’s kickboxing. Biking is really good too. One thing that is underrated that I actually do a lot of is walking uphill on the treadmill. That is probably the one I do the most but my favorite would be on the heavy bag.”

    Do you have any pets?

    “I actually just got a pet this year. Her name is Mari. She is like a redbone hound mixed.  She is super outgoing, fun, loving, and has a lot of energy. That’s my baby.”

    What’s your favorite way to spend a day off?

    “Getting snacks and food the night before and just binge watching stuff. Having a series whether it’s anime or something on netflix. Just give me something good that I can watch like 10 episodes in a day.”

    What accomplishment are you most proud of from the last year?

    “Honestly this job. Like I’ve also wanted to teach kickboxing. To be in this type of environment where I can teach people Muay Thai / Kickboxing. So in the past year alone getting this opportunity to teach technique is probably the thing I’m most proud of.”

    Who is someone you look up to? Why?

    “My dad. I think he is an OG triple OG. Times were a little hard growing up emotionally. He was hard on me when I was young but as I got older and I became more mature I realized why he was doing the things he was doing. It was always out of a place of love, it was never out of a place of anger. So he is somebody I look up to. Fictionally, I’m going to have to go with the goat. Goku because Goku is always wanting to be better. He wanted to test himself and push himself to see how far he could go. I think Goku might be the greatest cartoon character period of all time just for his personality.”

    Aaron teaching Kickboxing at our West Midtown location

    His classes are just as awesome at as he is! Come take a class with Aaron at our West Midtown location! Let’s reach your fitness goals together!

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