What is HIIT Kickboxing?

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    Are you looking to burn fat and tone muscle in an action-packed 60-minute fitness class filled to the brim with fun? Look no further than HIIT kickboxing – an intense workout filled with rapid stop-and-go movements to maximize cardiovascular impact. 

    HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, is a type of workout that consists of bursts of anaerobic intensity followed by periods of short recovery. This method of interval training sheds calories and tones muscles faster than other types of exercise, making it one of the fastest-growing workouts used by trainers, coaches and athletes. 

    With the pivots, kicks and punches of HIIT kickboxing, you’ll achieve your health and fitness goals in less time, while enjoying an invigorating and empowering workout that’s sure to keep you coming back for more. A kickboxing class will give you a HIIT workout in every session.

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    5 Benefits of HIIT Kickboxing

    There’s a reason why HIIT kickboxing has quickly become one of the most popular. sports practiced in gyms. Athletes have come to understand the enormous health, fitness and mental benefits it awards those who participate in this challenging, and incredibly rewarding, cardiovascular activity. 

    In this blog, we breakdown some of the top benefits of HIIT kickboxing, starting with its seemingly magical powers of helping athletes lose fat, and keep it off: 

    HIIT Boosts Your Metabolism

    Yes, HIIT kickboxing can help you lose weight! The intense cardio bursts with short rest periods put your metabolism into overdrive. Not only do you melt fat and calories right off your body, but an increased metabolism makes it easier to process the foods you eat throughout the day.

    HIIT workouts trigger the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) effect, which is a noticeably elevated intake of oxygen in the hours after strenuous activity. EPOC goes into effect during recovery as the body pulls in more oxygen to replenish fuel stores, cells and muscle proteins that were all impacted during the workout. This requires energy and therefore keeps your body burning calories for hours after your class has ended.

    Burn Fat While Building Muscle

    During the workout, your body will metabolize fat to give you power. After the workout and through recovery, your body will continue to dip into those fat stores so that it can heal. This keeps your metabolism high while devouring excess fat. 

    But HIIT kickboxing doesn’t just help you lose weight, it simultaneously helps you build and tone muscles. Rapid pivot movements build core strength while punching and kicking heavy bags build arm and muscle strength. You’ll soon start to see that in place of unwanted fat you have toned abs, biceps and glutes. 

    Great Full-Body Workout

    Who doesn’t want to tone every part of their body in one class? With HIIT Kickboxing, you’re engaging every muscle group in your body to help you balance, bounce, pivot, kick and punch. The stop-and-go bursts keep your rate of metabolism high and your muscles toned, leaving you feeling lighter and stronger throughout your body.

    As you work out so many parts of your body simultaneously, your cardiovascular system works so hard you can burn 700-1000 calories in a single class! The intensity of HIIT leaves a trail of metabolic waste in its path, which is then removed from your muscles during brief periods of interval recovery. This teaches your body to better tolerate strenuous activity, which boosts cardiovascular health.

    Compressed Workout Routine

    When we lead busy lives, we sometimes struggle to make time to exercise. Yet, exercise can improve our lives and help us live longer. So, what’s the solution? Get the most out of your workout in the shortest amount of time. In one HIIT kickboxing class, you’ll burn just about the maximum amount of calories that you can in one hour, while also building muscle strength and kickstarting your metabolism. If you’re short on time, kickboxing is the gift that keeps giving.

    Fun Way to Relieve Stress

    All forms of exercise release endorphins. But HIIT kickboxing takes this to another level. That’s because you get to take out all your stress and aggression on 120 lb heavy bags. You can punch and kick these heavy bags to your heart’s desire, releasing pent-up anxiety. 

    Plus, the fast-paced, energetic environment of these classes and accompanying music keep you motivated. The group atmosphere encourages you to push through challenges even when you’re tired. 

    Try X3 Sports For HIIT Kickboxing 

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    Plus, the fast-paced, energetic environment of these classes and accompanying music keep you motivated. The group atmosphere encourages you to push through challenges even when you’re tired. 

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