X3, A History: The Brilliant Madness Behind the X3 Method

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    As X3 Sports continues to move forward ahead, past the 2020 challenges and pandemic setbacks, we thought we’d get with our founder Mike Littrel to refresh ourselves on all things X3 from conception to intention to the ever-evolving execution. 

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    The Triple X Vision

    X3 is anything but a gym; that’s apparent the minute you walk in. Trade the equipment  graveyard for a room full of buzz and energetic interaction, add a strong dose of expertise, sprinkle on lots of upbeat positivity and you’ve got the recipe for an X3 fitness center. Mike’s vision for X3 Sports stems from his desire to help others savor the joy of participating and developing skills in group sports, a joy most adults miss out on as jobs and families take precedence over recreational sports. 

    When he opened X3, Mike wanted somewhere “open to everyone regardless of whether or not they are an athlete,” a place that would “allow them to be part of a group, a team, and fitness culture in general.” Not only can fitness-curious minds come to X3 and be surrounded, supported, and spotted by athletic experts, the trainers who come from all kinds of backgrounds with a huge range of specialties have a place to continue their practice by teaching and sharing technique. 

    The class-based structure solves not only the issue of where to train but also how to train. Plus you get accountability and the supportive motivation sometimes required when learning something new. Trade your index cards full of monotonous workouts for a world-renowned coach, trainer, and fitness friend. 

    The Ideal X3 Member

    Anyone. Mike means that with all his might. The only caveat is willingness. X3 is a place of learning and opportunity designed to provide a better fitness solution for all interests, all ages, and all ability levels. Members of X3 are known as Warriors whether they’re 8 or 80, whether it’s day 1 or 100. If someone is willing to take the next step toward bettering themselves and trying something new, they’ll thrive at X3. 

    The class offerings range in so many aspects; every trainer brings a unique perspective and set of teaching styles, and the training can go from Vinyasa flow to roundhouse kicking mastery. The community that develops in a place like X3 thrives off individuality and unique needs, so the more diverse the merrier. 

    The community dynamic really shines when entire families join. At traditional gyms, kids are usually placed in child centers where they roam around while their parents run on a dreadmill for an hour. X3 wants everyone to bring it, so bring along the kiddos! The youth classes add structure to a child’s natural energy. The youth trainers are what make the classes so impressive. They instill discipline and patience in a way that the kids can understand and appreciate. These teachings circulate off the mats as well, lending themselves to better stress management and easing the strain of growing pains. 

    Fitness Evolution

    Mike stands behind the importance of change, claiming it is the most important lesson he’s learned since starting X3 Sports, and one that every member can benefit from. “Growth requires change in activities, habits, and mindset. In order to be something different, you have to become someone new. These don’t always have to be big changes or drastic changes, but they have to be consistent ones. Consistency in anything will ultimately lead to success. The first step to change is the most impactful, then the next step, and then the one after that.” Take little bites to get big results. Consistency and change aren’t opposites in this case; they’re the two pillars of X3 sits on, encouraging members to take chances while giving them the support they need to make those changes stick. 

    What began as a single facility in Atlanta with 300 members has grown into 5 Georgia locations with over 3,000 members. Yes drink the Kool-Aid, it’s obviously working. Fitness isn’t a fad, it’s a foundation of health and happiness. For anyone looking to be a part of a community of unique but like-minded warriors, X3 is the destination and the journey.

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