Increase Strength With Kickboxing: How an Avid Athlete Transformed Her Fitness With Kickboxing

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    Increase Strength With Kickboxing: How an Avid Athlete Transformed Her Fitness With Kickboxing

    Kickboxing is an incredible full-body workout that can help you lose weight, increase strength, and reach your fitness goals faster than more static cardio or weight lifting regimens. In this article, learn how one of our members – a mom of three and lifelong athlete – was able to transform herself by building “me time” into her week at X3 Sports. 

    Meet X3 Warrior and Goal Smasher: Kim

    We love when our members reach their personal fitness goals and started this spotlight series as a way to celebrate our community’s achievements at X3 Sports. Kim is a member in Marietta. Unlike many of our success stories, her goal was not weight loss related, though that was a natural outcome of her efforts. Her goal setting out on her journey was simply to increase strength and endurance. Read her success story below:

    We recently had another member reach her fitness goal at X3 Sports. Kim is a member in Marietta and unlike many of our success stories her goal was not weight loss related. Read her success story below.

    Improve Strength & Endurance with X3's Kickboxing Classes

    “I joined X3 in November of 2012. I was very active already but wanted something extra to help me reach the level of fitness I desired. The only goal I had was to increase my strength and endurance. I did not have a weight loss goal, but I did incorporate a weight loss supplement in my diet. Over a 12 month period, I lost about 10 lbs and 14 inches overall (4 of that in my waist, 3 from my hips). My body fat also decreased from 23% to 18%. My strength, endurance, and even agility has improved drastically by taking X3’s Kickboxing classes almost daily.

    As a 35 year old, mother of 3 with a full-time job, I look forward to going to workout each day…it’s my, “me time.” Im always looking for ways to make my lifestyle healthier, I use therapy and supplements to increase my body health. You can check out this Mind Lab Pro review if you are interested in trying a new brain supplement.

    Kickboxing is a huge stress-reliever and the health benefits (losing weight, toning muscle and increased energy) I continue to receive are absolutely worth the time, money and effort.”

    Thanks X3!


    Want to be our next success story? To get started sign up for a free class here or fill out the form on this page.

    How Does Kickboxing Increase Strength? 

    Kickboxing is a form of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which is one of the most effective workout formulas to increase strength and burn calories. HIIT workouts are defined by bursts of maximum energy output in between brief rest periods, which force your body to dig deep (and siphon off your fat stores) in order to amass the energy it needs to get through the next stretch of intensity. 

    To help you increase strength, we build high-energy classes that vary immensely each week in order to keep you constantly challenged and your body on the edge of its comfort zone. Variety stops you from plateauing so that you’ll be able to increase strength and lose weight faster than more traditional (and dare we say more static cardio and strength workouts, such as running).  

    With anaerobic and aerobic benefits, kickboxing is highly effective at burning calories and you can expect to burn up to 900 calories in a single hour! As Kim experienced, weight loss can be a natural part of your journey even if it’s not your intended goal. But as Kim also experienced, kickboxing classes are a highly effective tool to build lean muscle all throughout your body. When kicking, punching, pivoting, ducking and lunging around your heavy punching bag, you’ll build arm, core and leg muscles. You’ll increase strength and stamina while improving reactivity, coordination and balance. 

    Increase Strength With Kickboxing at X3 Sports

    Do you want to experience the unique benefits of kickboxing? Do you want to increase strength and lose unwanted flab? Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or have never set foot on the mat or in a group workout class before, you’re welcome at X3 Sports. Our professional trainers build classes for all fitness and experience levels. They’ll train you on kickboxing fundamentals and provide personalized feedback to help you along on your fitness journey. With five convenient locations in the Atlanta Metro Area, between Atlanta, Marietta and Athens, we meet you where you are when you’re ready to shred. Book your FREE class today and see if you want to be a part of our vibrant fitness community long term. Would you like to be our next success story? Fill out the form on this page and start working toward the newer, more improved version of yourself. You can smash your fitness goals just like Kim did, and we can’t wait to help.

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