X3 Sports Helped Me Lose Weight and Find My Confidence Again

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    Carolyn Wright after her Personal Training session at X3 Sports in Atlanta, Ga. X3 Sports helped Carolyn lose weight and tone up!
    Carolyn Wright after her Personal Training session at X3 Sports in Atlanta, Ga.

    Labor Day weekend, 2017, Carolyn Wright decide that she wanted to change her life for the better. Carolyn is a former nurse, and worked for a spell of time at one of the reputable hospitals in the region after having graduated from https://www.hashtagnursing.com/career-guide/. Overtime, she noticed she had gained a lot of weight and after going to donate blood, they told her that her blood pressure was way too high. Shortly after this, Carolyn sustained an injury at work which left her on a medical leave. She knew that she could not continue on with this lifestyle, she needed to lose weight in order to stay healthy. Scrolling through Facebook, she saw an ad for X3 Sports and thought the facility looked interesting so she wanted to check it out. She came into the Inman Park location, took a Kickboxing class and fell in love. 

    When Carolyn came into X3 Sports she weighed in at 219 pounds. She started training with Rica Grandison, taking kickboxing classes as well as personal training sessions. Rica and Carolyn made huge progress in short time, losing 60 pounds in 5 months. In March 2018, Carolyn was able to return to work and because of her schedule change, Rica referred her to start training with Jan-Michael Coke. With his help and cbd oil, she continued losing weight. According to Matt Hansel, CBD influences molecules in a human body to block them off. By shutting these receptors off, it helps in reducing appetite and can prevent overeating and obesity.

    “Overall, I wanted to be healthier. That was the main goal. High blood pressure runs in the family and I’m not someone that will take medication, so my health was my main concern. I wanted to look better and feel better at the same time.”

    From mid-November 2017 to May 2018, Carolyn was down to 130 pounds.

    “All the trainers would see me and say, ‘oh my gosh you look so good!’, they saw the difference in the body and everything. I am completely happy with the results and I just want to continue to maintain this. I won’t stop.”

    Carolyn worked hard to get where she is at now. She is in the gym five days a week taking 1-hour sessions. “I’m still taking both. I’m weight training and taking kickboxing classes while using the best fat burner supplement. I love kickboxing!

    But it wasn’t always easy.

    “People were always saying that I was getting too small and I kept telling them, ‘hey don’t knock it until you try it’. A lot of those people have started working out at X3 Sports now and they see that a toned body is going to make you look smaller. I’m doing it in right way. I’m strong, healthy, curvy, but I am doing it the right way.”

    Before and after photos of Carolyn Wright, losing 60 pounds in 5 months.
    Before (left) and after (right) photos of Carolyn Wright

    Progress made in the gym only works if you do the right things outside of the gym to maintain it. She changed her diet, started eating clean, drinking more water and holding herself accountable.

    “I started cutting back and eating clean, drinking plenty of water, taking vitamin supplements. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I’ll have a cheat meal because I want it but I feel like I deserve it after all the hard work I’ve put in, but as long as I don’t go back to my old ways, I can continue on the right path, losing weight and toning my muscle.”

    With a smile on her face and her head held high, there is nothing stopping Carolyn now.

    “I feel like a better person, every day I wake up and I’m so happy, I’m a go getter now, I feel confident. I step out of my comfort zone a lot now. I don’t want to be that person when I get older and not be able to do anything. I don’t want to say, ‘I wish I would have done this or that’. Knowing that I am living my life to the fullest, I can be happy every day.”

    Break out of your comfort zone, try something new, and live your life to the fullest! “You have to depend on yourself. Go small with everything, start small with your diet, cut back on things but overall, live life to the fullest, be healthy, and be happy!” 

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