X3 Sports is Named A Best and Brightest Companies to Work For®: Two Years Of Excellence

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    X3 Sports has been named one of The Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® by the National Association for Business Resources for the second year in a row!

    This award is important to us because it represents all of the hard work and dedication that we have put into maintaining our core values and positive workplace culture. In case you aren’t familiar with The Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® award, allow us to explain why this designation is so special.

    What Makes a Company The Best & Brightest?

    The Best and Brightest programs “identify, recognize, and celebrate the organizations that epitomize Better Business. Richer Lives. Stronger Communities.” The best and brightest companies to work for are evaluated on these 11 aspects: 

    • Compensation, Benefits, and Employee Solutions
    • Creative, Wellness, and Wellbeing Solutions
    • Employee Enrichment
    • Engagement and Retention
    • Employee Education and Development
    • Recruitment and Selection
    • Employee Achievement and Recognition
    • Communication and Shared Vision
    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    • Work-Life Blend; Community Initiatives and Corporate Responsibility
    • Leadership, Strategy, and Company Performance

    The winners of The Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® award scored highly in comparison to other companies based on surveys from employees within the organization. These surveys are anonymous so it is a true representation of a company’s culture. This is why we’re so excited to hold this prestigious award! 

    We’ll go into more detail below about why X3 Sports fits the bill for one of the best and brightest companies to work for! As you read through this, consider visiting our careers page to learn about available opportunities or booking a free class to try us on for size. 

    Our Strategy on Culture

    At X3 Sports we believe that our people create our culture. We are proud to maintain a positive, supportive, and healthy work environment that makes our employees feel appreciated and valued.   

    Our organization has three core values that we prioritize to achieve a greater caliber of success and work satisfaction. These core values are:

    Warrior Spirit

    Warrior Spirit is synonymous with loyalty. A staff member has true Warrior Spirit when they deliver an amazing experience to our members and/or teammates. 

    Having a Warrior Spirit is all about: 

    • Accountability
    • Commitment
    • Reliability
    • Responsibility

    Hero Centric

    Hero Centric boils down to passion. Our X3 Warriors believe in building strong, authentic relationships based on trust, honesty, and integrity. We take pride in knowing that we are making a real difference in the lives of our members, our community, and our teammates.

    Hero Centric is all about: 

    • Honesty
    • Integrity
    • Trustworthiness
    • Action-Oriented

    Champion Mindset

    An individual has a Champion Mindset when they have a strong work ethic. Our staff members are dedicated to continuously learning, growing, and improving to exceed member and teammate expectations while aspiring to reach the next level in our personal, professional and fitness journeys. 

    A Champion Mindset is all about: 

    • A Winning Attitude
    • Self-Motivation
    • High Standards
    • Discipline

    At each of our five X3 Sports locations, our team members hold each other accountable and encourage one another to represent and embody these three core values everyday. 

    We believe that our culture at X3 Sports, one focused on enrichment, respect and a set of values that permeate the company and inspire our members, is what sets us apart from other gyms as one of the best and brightest companies to work for.  

    Our People Make Our Culture

    There’s no better way to hear about what this award means to X3 Sports than to hear it directly from the Warriors who create our culture. First, let’s hear from the big guy; our President and CEO, Mike Littrel:

    “Winning this award is representative of the X3 team and culture. We started out with the idea to help people change their lives through fitness and along the way this amazing place called X3 has blossomed into more than just 5 locations, but into an opportunity for amazing and passionate professionals to change their lives and their families.  I have seen the people that make up the team at X3 grow so much personally, professionally, economically, socially, and spiritually over the years, that I am continuously inspired and motivated by the individuals around me that are TEAM X3!” 

    Mike founded X3 Sports in 2007 with Tony Tucci and you can frequently find both of them at the club, either working out alongside our members or supporting our staff. Our leadership team at X3 Sports stays involved in the ins and outs of club operations to make sure each team member has the tools they need to succeed. Not every founding team takes the time to do that – and that’s why we’re one of the best and brightest companies to work for. 

    Donovan is a Membership Coach at X3 Sports and he couldn’t agree more, “X3 Sports is a one-of-a-kind company. We’re hands-on with all of our members and we are goal-oriented. I truly believe there’s nobody out there in Atlanta that’s like X3 Sports.” 

    X3 Sports is a Tight-Knit Team

    In addition to our core value system and incredible, involved leadership team, X3 Sports sets itself apart from other organizations as one of the best and brightest companies to work for because our staff is tight-knit, in and outside of work. There is a reason we say #X3Family; we support each other like true family members and we spend time together outside of our shifts. It’s easy to form a community when we all share a common value system and believe in the classes we offer and the impact we make on our members. It’s not uncommon to find a cluster of us hanging out outside the gym at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions, fights, races, restaurants, and other local activities. 

    Hear it from Jack, a martial arts fanatic and Membership Coach at X3 Sports Inman Park, “We have the best front desk people and a great all-around team. It’s a great environment to work in. I just love coming in every day and interacting with like-minded and positive people. I’ve made great relationships with everybody I work with, we don’t just see each other here, we hang out outside of work, too. I also love that I’ve been able to excel in each position that I’ve had while moving up the ladder.” 

    Jack started as a Front Desk Coordinator at X3 Sports West Midtown and has worked his way up in the ranks through his pure dedication and effort. He believes X3 Sports empowers him to reach new heights while having fun along the way. He has also become close friends with Janese, a Front Desk Coordinator at X3 Sports Inman Park.

    Although Janese has only been working at X3 for a couple of months, she is impressed with our culture and she felt like she fit in right away, “The atmosphere and the teamwork are my favorite things about X3 Sports. Our community here is very strong.” 

    Even though our team at X3 Sports is close, we are super welcoming to new staff members. Our inclusiveness is a major reason we’re one of the best and brightest companies to work for and why our employees feel valued, safe and fulfilled! 

    Thank you to all of our Warriors who embody our core values every day. You are the reason we’re one of The Best and Brightest Companies To Work For!

    Try Your First Class For Free 

    Now that you know all about why X3 Sports, which has five convenient locations across the Atlanta Metro area, including two in Marietta and one in Athens, is so proud of being named one of the best and brightest companies to work for! We dare you to come try a class for yourself to see if you vibe with our culture and core values. Get in on the action, and Book Your First Class for FREE Today! See for yourself why X3 Sports was named one of the best and brightest companies to work for and determine if this is a community you’re ready to join and inspire on a daily basis.

    If you are interested in joining our team, check out our Careers page to apply for any of our open positions. We’d love to hear from you!

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