A complimentary complete body assessment is provided to all X3 members to evaluate your current fitness levels, establish measurable goals, and guide you through your fitness journey.

Body and Performance Assessments

The best way to reach your health and fitness goals is to assess your personal data so that you can create a baseline for improvement and hold yourself accountable. At X3 Sports, our members receive a complimentary body assessment conducted by professional trainers to help you maximize your time with us. 

By taking a body assessment at X3 Sports, we’ll help you measure everything from body weight to muscle mass utilizing sophisticated instrumentation and technology. Your body assessment is a critical tool that will provide you with an in-depth, data-backed snapshot of your current fitness level so that you have a baseline to improve upon.

By recording your body measurements, body composition, and weight with an experienced trainer, who will discuss your results and offer guidance on the types of exercises you can do and foods you can eat to reach your personal fitness goals, you’ll be able to track your progress and better leverage your experience at X3 Sports.

Why Take A Body Assessment? 

Research shows that nearly half of the people who set fitness goals as their New Year resolution give up on the quest by February. We understand how difficult it can be to keep up with a regular fitness routine, especially if you don’t have achievable milestones or specific goals. Simply saying “I want to be better about working out” or “I want to lose weight” can sometimes feel too broad or even intimidating.

By getting more granular with your targets, such as “I want to lose 10 pounds” or “I want to run a specific race at this time” you’ll have a more specific endgame. It’s also helpful to set more manageable short-term milestones that you can conquer on your path toward your bigger goals, which helps to release feel-good achievement chemicals in your brain and gives you a progress checklist to move through. 

There’s no better way to stay motivated on your fitness journey than to see the incremental progress you’re making along the way. By taking a body assessment before you begin and then throughout your progression, you’ll be able to track your performance, the changes in your body, and your overall cardiovascular health. 

What To Expect From Your Body Assessment

At X3 Sports, our members get a free body assessment with their membership. We recommend taking one every 90 days so you can get a good feel for how you’re progressing off your baseline. 

During your ongoing assessments, a certified and knowledgeable X3 Sports trainer will use our state of the art tools, including our digital body composition scale, to accurately measure body weight, body fat, BMI, and other key metrics. They’ll also discuss what your results mean within the context of your personal health and fitness goals, answer any questions you might have, and offer tips and advice.

Perhaps you’re not losing weight as fast as you would have liked or building muscles as quickly as you were initially anticipating. Your trainer will discuss the types of workouts you’re doing and even recommend new classes or exercises to help you along the way. A person with an ambitious weight loss goal who only comes into the gym once a week for yoga, for example, might instead find value in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), such as our kickboxing classes, for reaching their goal. 

What’s a Digital Body Composition Scale?

No matter which of our five gyms located in the Greater Atlanta area that you choose to visit, we will have a body composition scale ready to use for your body assessment. When you stand upon the scale for your assessment, a harmless electric current will flow through your body from the base to get an accurate reading on components of your health, including body fat, muscle mass and metabolic rate.

Your trainer will use these readings alongside standard body measurements to help document your changes over time. All information will be stored in your personal X3 Sports ClubReady profile, accessible to you online at any time.

Supercharge Your Fitness Journey With a Body Assessment

Are you ready to take your health goals to the next level? Schedule your Free Body Assessment today to begin utilizing data along your fitness journey. And if you haven’t yet joined our high-energy, motivated family of Warriors, book your first class with X3 Sports for free today to see if a membership is right for you. 


Body Assessment

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