Women’s Cardio Kickboxing: Sculpt, Burn, and Energize

The instructors are very credible, knowledgeable, and inviting. The overall experience makes working out something I look forward to every day.


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Revitalize your fitness regimen with a fantastic cardio-focused workout to help you burn calories, sculpt muscles, boost strength, and enhance vitality. Our women's cardio kickboxing classes are an entertaining introduction to self-defense and a way to lessen stress while forming new friendships.

Our proficient trainers will guide you through the fundamentals of this popular contact sport, teaching you vital details about safe punching and kicking of our sturdy bags. They'll instruct you on maintaining proper form to ensure safety and efficiency. Beginning at a level that matches your experience and fitness state, they'll adjust the instructions as you advance, making our classes suitable for athletes of all skill levels, whether you're a kickboxing pro or a novice.

Women's cardio kickboxing is a HIIT workout that sculpts muscles and trims unwanted weight. Through a mixture of punches and agile footwork, your body will leap into cardiovascular action, making you feel more robust, lighter, and healthier. In just 45 minutes of calorie-burning fun, you'll restore self-confidence, increase stamina, and enhance your self-image. The spirit of fellow athletes and coaches will keep you motivated as they cheer you on toward success.

Did we mention the fun of hitting a firm 125 lb bag? Depressurize, rev up your cardiac rhythm, seize the day, and take control of your workout plan with women's cardio kickboxing!

Classes for Every Skill Level

New to women's cardio kickboxing? Or have you participated in numerous sessions before? Our trainers create classes for all skill levels and can match your precise experience before incrementing the intensity. Our professional coaches impart technical knowledge about this combat sport that blends moves from different martial arts, including karate. By refining your form and teaching the fundamental techniques, they'll amplify intensity while ensuring your safety.

If you're starting, our top-notch instructors will arrange a session that's both informative and challenging. They'll shift gears to more intensive levels once they determine your readiness for a sterner test. Regardless of your fitness status, you'll always be pushed to your utmost capabilities.

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Heavy-Duty Training Bags

Rough day? We vow that pounding our 120-lb bags with fists and kicks helps dissolve stress and eliminate unnecessary anxiety. Suspended on beams, these sturdy bags provide ample resistance for firming muscles, accelerating your heart rate, and dissolving calories. Striking these bags enhances bone health and strengthens the ligaments. After these sessions, you will feel stronger, more fit, rejuvenated, and in a better mood.

Torch 900 Calories

Are you looking for weight loss? Try women's cardio kickboxing! In our rigorous sessions, you can torch up to 30% more calories than a regular workout and accelerate weight loss up to four times. We've seen clients lose up to 15 lbs in their first month.

Consistent kickboxing drills will upgrade your body's oxygen absorption and utilization. You will feel you are shedding weight faster and experience enhanced energy and capability in all endurance exercises. With women's cardio kickboxing, you're on the fast track to achieving fitness goals.

Women's Cardio Kickboxing Classes in Marietta

You'll Never Get Bored

Our women's cardio kickboxing classes stay fresh, with instructors regularly switching the routines to keep you mentally stimulated and physically engaged. Change keeps your muscles in anticipation, maximizing workout efficacy and promoting muscular strength. We rotate between targeting your legs, arms, glutes, and core in an eclectic set of moves of various intensities.

Revitalize Your Fitness Routine

Women's cardio kickboxing – a full-body workout that will leave you feeling exhilarated and challenged while strengthening muscles and increasing endurance. Our classes let you blow off steam and learn self-defense in a fun, group-based setting. Join us for 60 minutes of aerobic intensity alongside similarly driven athletes, and you will look and feel better in no time.

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