A Sustainable New You: 5 Tips for Setting Health Resolutions and Sticking to ‘Em

The New Year is all about goal setting. After all, beginning at the beginning is always a great place to start. It’s also, functionally, a great way to track progress on your health resolutions. An important ingredient to success is to make more sustainable, achievable  New Year resolutions as part of your larger health and fitness goals.

In this post, we offer some tips straight from our expert trainers at X3 Sports for setting and keeping your health resolutions. These valuable tips will help all you star reachers and go-getters gain and keep your momentum as you live intentionally throughout 2023.

Top 5 Tips For Reaching Health Resolutions

1. Try anything.

One exciting aspect of a fresh start is the chance to reinvent yourself. If you were a runner in 2022, why not be an aerial yogi in 2023? The sentiment “work smarter not harder” applies well to the idea that if something isn’t bringing you joy, only results, then it’s time to get smart and try something new. Other times, you may enjoy the activity but feel as though you’ve reached a plateau. In this case, trying a new activity can turbocharge your workout routine and keep you on your toes. 

In order to keep up with your health resolutions, it’s important to experiment with, and understand, the full-circle benefits of new activities. Take kickboxing, for example, which is a high-energy caloric killer that comes with the added benefit of developing self-defense mechanics. If you have only been focused on one type of activity, try mixing it up to unlock a treasure trove of new and exciting physical and mental health benefits.

“I love to teach and be involved, which is why I came back to train. I keep the classes fun. We move a lot, burn a lot of calories, but we also develop self-defense tactics so that they can always have them just in case.” 

Rica Grandison

2. Take small bites.

Build momentum by giving yourself smaller, more easily attainable milestones that unleash the benefits of instant gratification. When you start with easy-to-reach feats, you’ll be more empowered to maintain your health resolution. With this strategy, the more strenuous tasks along your journey toward the potentially intimidating goal you initially set out to accomplish on New Year’s Eve will become less daunting and more manageable. 

If you can do it in 15 minutes or less, do it now. The minute you cross one thing off a list, the more likely you are to keep going, and the more likely you are to stick with it long-term. If time is an issue, consider quick, High-Intensity Interval Training-style activities that you can blast through in 20 minutes to reach health resolutions, such as getting in shape or improving heart health. Eventually, you’ll become a natural at what you’re doing, your body will have formed a habit, and time will be easier to come by.

“Seeing it finally click for people, finding their own fitness path, is the greatest reward of this job. We offer so much at X3 Sports so that you don’t get bored with fitness. I feel like a lot of people come to the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) side not to compete but to use MMA to stay fit and healthy. Then they find that we also offer other things like weight training and circuit training via Fast Track and Power Track, so it provides a lot for people to find something to stay healthy not just for the short term but for the long term as well.”

 –Byron Bloodworth

3. Ask For Help to Achieve Your Health Resolutions.

Many of us don’t like asking for help because we don’t want others to see us struggle. We want to appear put together and in control. But trying to do everything on your own is a recipe for wasted time and teeth-grinding frustration. Asking for help along your fitness journey when trying to reach a health resolution (or with any other goal you set) is one of the best ways to succeed.
Whether you’re interested in attending a class or taking the next step with personal training, our coaches at X3 Sports can help you reach your health resolutions with encouragement, guidance, and expertise. Take a body assessment to learn exactly the steps you need to take physically and nutritionally to receive guidance on where to start. Consider hiring a personal trainer if you’d like an extra nudge of inspiration and accountability while focusing on the workouts that experts believe will bring you closer to your physical and mental health resolutions in 2023. 

“I like working with people one on one. Every person I get to work with is a new challenge as far as what are their goals, what motivates them, and what are the obstacles they need to overcome. When they accomplish something I feel like I’ve accomplished something too.“ 

Robert Shonfelt

4. Thank yourself.

From the insightful words of Snoop Dogg, you should thank yourself for believing in yourself and doing all that hard work to reach your health resolutions. That’s right, one of the best ways to keep up with your health resolutions – or any goal in life for that matter – is to give yourself gratitude for every step you take along the way. Encouragement feels good coming from loved ones and workout buddies, but when it comes from a sincere place at the bottom of your own heart, you’ll notice a difference in motivation. Quiet negative thoughts toward yourself by practicing gratitude, celebrating wins, and avoiding comparisons to others.

“We always encourage positivity. Some days are tough, but if you can recognize your hard work and your progress, you’ll be much more likely to keep going. I love helping people become stronger, fitter, and better, and it’s a lot easier when people believe in themselves.” 

Daniel Staples 

5. Find the science behind it.

There’s a notable difference between memorizing muscle movement and understanding the anatomical craft behind proper adjustments. Fitness education is vital for staying committed to your health resolutions and improving your fitness. At X3 Sports, for example, our yoga instructors work with you to address pain points and how muscle and joint interaction matter to practice good technique and unleash the power of each yoga move. Take the time to explore cause and effect to understand why certain movements matter, both in your physical activity practices and throughout all the activities and decisions of your life. You’ll begin to see stronger, more beneficial results when you master that understanding and focus your attention on the details.  

“My favorite part of teaching is breaking down the techniques. My ability to do so is one of the things I pride myself on. Because when it clicks that look on peoples face is that ‘Oh, that’s why things are done that way,’ that’s what I love.”

Aaron Taylor

Let X3 Sports Help You Along Your 2023 Health Resolutions 

There have been so many changes over the last few years that have demanded changes in how we think about our lives and the goals we’re choosing to prioritize. If 2020 was the year we learned to adapt, 2021 and 2022 were years of healing and change. Let 2023 be the year you apply the flexibility and knowingness you’ve come to cherish to all aspects of your mental and physical wellness.

At X3 Sports, we have cultivated a community of motivated warriors who leverage our unique, high-energy flow classes and experienced trainers to catapult their mental and physical health resolutions. At our full-body fitness center, which has classes from mixed martial arts to yoga, access the power of community and convenience. With five locations across the Greater Atlanta Area, and plentiful class times and types of exercise, our team and family at X3 Sports are here to help you stay on target with your health resolutions throughout 2023. 
Accomplishing your goals shouldn’t feel like work. Let us help you enjoy the path toward attaining a healthier and happier lifestyle. Book your first class for free today and see if a membership is right for you.

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